[PC] Kept items and XP whilst playing with friends, but lost actual story progress

Hi guys looking for any fixes to this, not sure if its a bug or if I’m doing something wrong but here’s what happened.
Been playing in a group of 4 and we have completed our first playthrough at about level 37. Everything is good. We start playing again with the same characters on True Vault Hunter Mode and head off. Throughout one session, went from level 37 to level 44 and then left it there, just past Killavolt in the story. Went back in to go to Sanctuary in a solo game to check some of my loot and it sent me to the start of True Vault Hunter Mode, where Claptrap gives you the echo.
I don’t want to play in the story to get to the same point as them coz then I’ll have way more XP and new loot that they won’t, and I’m pretty sure that I disconnected in the game at 1 point near the start of the game but joined back almost instantly.

Is there a fix to this? Should I just play with them till the end of the game and the game will fix it then? I don’t want to have to do the story again on this specific character by myself but if I can keep playing with mates knowing that it will fix the story progress later then that would be okay.

Any help is appreciated