PC League - Watch Tonight!

Alrighty, so for starters, we have a league going on on PC, and this is Season 1; Week 1!
There was a pool of players and captains drafted their teams privately. Only Face Off isn’t played; capture wins are 5 points, incursion and meltdown are 10 points a piece. Boldur, Galilea, and Beatrix are honor banned.

(I’ll add more streams as people are streaming their matches)

Schedule and Standings:


If anyone wants a little highlight here you go:

And yes, that was my voice in total disbelief.

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Totally slept on this . Just wanna know would it be possible to hop into that league now ?^^ Not sure if i would get a team together for next week , just curious . Btw GG guys , you need to post those matches everywhere ,maybe even post it on youtube , highly entertaining^^

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If you are who I think you are, you could try to rally together some other Botstompers. :wink:

I’m not really someone to play in tournaments for various reasons (10pm EST is 4am for me and I need my beauty sleep. Also, I can’t talk and someone who only can ping is nothing but a burden probably), but I can write an announcement in the group, if you want to and I’d be available for some training matches. :slight_smile:

(Edit: Botstompers is not meant insulting, that’s what my steam group is called :stuck_out_tongue: )

Yeah, totally you @sarcastaball should rally some of our mutual friends -mean those who didn’t already joined- and form a squad. Will be fun :wink:

The teams are already set in stone, but we could always use more subs.

Seriously, yesterday was pretty bad in terms of subs. We really need more.

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Yeah, if you’d like to join the league, it’d have to be next season (which is next month, i believe?) And then basically you’d be in a pool to be drafted from.
One of the reasons these matches are so close is we have the best players as captains (so they cant all be on the same team) and they draft from the player pool, so far it’s been great! Very entertaining!
Hopefully next season we’ll draft 6 per team since real life gets in the way of scheduling matches and subs are needed.

And here’s my favourite part of last night’s matches!

You can’t see the set up here but there was a deande ult on whiskey and phoebs i think, thats how it starts.

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These games have been a ton of fun, thanks to everyone involved <3


Even me? I peered and cheered, i also jeered and sneered but its not my fault… i was beered.

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Got a question:
What…TF is with Dobson streams’ feed? I literary see bans and reservations from one of the teams …on both sides of a screen. A glitch?

PC league only on pc? Looks like I won’t be watching it.

@zadymek that’s a glitch with the game, not the stream

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Youll have to ask people of their respective platforms about their leagues

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Great first match of capture, two games will follow!~

twitch.tv/dobson187 pc league matches in ~30 minutes, and some more later tonight as well!

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