PC Legendary Weapons to Trade

Listed below are some of the Legendary wepons I have to trade. In return looking for a couple of lower level legendaries, in particular, any DPUH from level 35 to 48 and a Legendary Commando Class Mod say level 35 or above.

My Legendaries to trade are:
a) Babymaker SMG (Slag) Lvl 57
b) Beserker Class Mod Lvl 63 (Gunzerker)
c) Psycho Class Mod Lvl 60
d) Assassin Hunter Class Mod Lvl 53
e) Assassin Sniper Class Mod Lvl 68
f) Explosive Fireball Grenade Lvl 49
g) Mechromancer Class Mod Lvl 45
h) Impaler Shield Lvl 50
i) Whisky Tango Foxtrot Shield Lvl 61
j) Punitery Pyrophobia Launcher Lvl 56
k) Siren Class Mod Lvl 61