PC: LF 50% melee Breaker mod/Annointed Ward Shield - I have Psycho Stabber, Dragon Relic, White Elephant, Commander Planetoids to trade

title sais it all really. anyone interested?

I have many other items to trade in case the above are not of interest.

I have a Ward shield anointed, +200 melee damage on phase slam.

I am looking for the following:


  • Shock Lucian’s Call

  • Tortoise Front Loader Anointed - On action skill end - 20% increased action skill cooldown rate

  • Loaded Dice artifact with +sniper damage and +incendiary damage

  • Deathless artifact with assault rifle damage or SMG damage

  • Annexed Lyuda, (fire, Anointed +50% incendiary damage)

  • Gunner Bloodletter Class Mod, Hyperion roll (with a combination of SMG damage, crit damage, Hyperion damage, fire speed, gun damage, or hyperion crit damage)

  • Gunner Bloodletter class Mod, Vladoff roll (with a combination of assault rifle damage, crit damage, Vladoff damage, fire speed, gun damage, or Vladoff crit damage)

  • Siren Breaker class mod with a point in Find Your Center, +melee damage

I dont have any of the things you mention.

Just double checked and I have a shock row and call. Would that work for you?

Is the psycho stabber anointed?

I need a shock Lucian’s Call.

Not anointed. Legendary with 120% melee


I have a Ice Breaker Deathless with: 17% SMG Damage, 16% Corrosive Damage, and 33% AOE Damage.

I’m interested in your Anointed Brawler’s Ward

I’ve got a breaker class mod with a point in find your center if you’re still looking. That brawler ward would be great.