[PC] LF Anointed Face Puncher

My ign is Sir-Endgame
Let me know what you need. Thanks

Hey, have you got Mirv Tacular rad ?

I do not.

got any recurring hex or mirvtacular? any element except cryo

looking for crossroads annointed or Electric recurring Hex !

No hex. will keep an eye out.

Or annointed rad / fire flakker and cocky flakker

Found two cloning hexes. will update when i find new versions.

I have a non anointed Redundant Face-puncher if u still need

I found one but I am always looking for a better one. IGN: Sir-Endgame. Hit me up and we can discuss

I have those

The anointed one is interesting. What are you looking for?

What do you have?

If you have a nice conference call, then i’d like that

I have anointed conf call. ign?

Nefli do you still have a face Puncher to trade? If si add me: Deadra_56

Still need the Brainstormer, take it for free IDC, YaBoiZombieChap

appreciate it but i found one already. Just looking for anointed facepuncher now.

My ig name is Nefli

added you