[PC] LF: Cutpurse Commander Planetoid

LF Cutpurse Commander Planetoid prefered with any hyperion percs but any else would be fine although.
I have lots of legendaries, quite a few annointed ones for trade. About 70-80 in total, all level 50.

i should have one cutpurse commander planatoid cant remember the bonusses. if you have one of these i can sent you a picture of it.

  • Cryo lucians call (annointed to zane) or fire lucians call( with bonus cryo damage annointment).
  • ice breaker victory rush relic with +mag size.
  • Rough rider shield with sntnl active %15 movespeed annointment to zane.
  • Zane executor class mod with ( %25 weapon damage, %31 assault rifle damage, %24 mag size)
  • Radiation Rowans call with ( bonus rad. damage while gamma burst active)
  • Fire lyuda with 20+ mag size and double penetrating.(annexed molten lyuda)

Sry, got nothing from this list. Those are insanly spezific versions of already rare drops. -_-