PC [LF] Knifedrain White Elephant and Redundant Face Puncher

Melee Amara looking for these 2 items to round out build, I can trade whatever I have let me know what you are looking for. Ty and good evening

I think i have both, do you have snowdrift deathless?

i have redundant face puncher.
you have any of these :

LF :
-dp laser sploder radioactive with gamma burst
-red suit shield with cd
-fire moar linage with 50% damage incendiary
-fire cutsman with 250% damage after phasecast
-redundant brainstormer with 50% incendiary damage
-cryo shredifier with 50% cryo damage sntl
-dictator radioactive with gamma burst

Checking now sorry for delay we might have a time difference

yeah np

@davidacenguyen sorry mate, only a cryostone