[PC] LF: Purple Tediore Shotgun // offer: alot

Super (Supercharged) Everblast ++ this or a similar name is the one I am looking for
the important part is that it has:
a mirv module - splitting into 4 projectiles
a Homing Module - homes in on enemys
has x18 or x20 projectiles

Preferably in shock or fire element, non element is fine though

my epicname is: SmokinDice

this what you want

almost, still looking for a x18 or x20 version, non elemental or shock

What do you want for that weapon? :open_mouth:

Got 263 x 12, kinetic, MIRV + homing
Also got a Cutpurse Victory Rush, but no mag size
edit, but also got a cutpurse loaded dice, mag size & movement speed

@schmu666 sorry its all not what I really need

He wants the exact same weapon from Joltzdude139 :smile:

@Th3Tob1 yes and no, I do want it to try it, but I dont think it is the best option :slight_smile:

What do you think is a better option? :smiley:

having a fire or non elemental option, also there is x20

A relic with like ‘+40% Magazine Size’ wouldn’t be an option? :confused:

@Th3Tob1 a cutpurse relic? sure I want one with mag size.

Can tell you, that joltz build is definitely insane. Using it atm and it is super fun.

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Does the pellet count improves reload damage ?

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@MDNmtg yes, so does magazine size and base damage, the more numbers the better

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Which weapon do you have? Can you send a screenshot? :smiley:


Oh hell, I really need a weapon like that :heart_eyes:

EDIT: Where did you get that one from?

Crazy Earl vending machine

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Took a lot quitting and reloading to get that to spawn

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