[PC] Lf radiated lasersploder

Lemme know what you need, if I’ll have you can get it ! (:

I have one anointed for Iron Bear if you play Moze

I play Fl4k ! :stuck_out_tongue: But thanks noneless

I can take the anointed Iron bear anyway ! Not a big deal for me if its not anointed ! :slight_smile: If you are available im up !

I have a few in my bank. Double penetrating too. I’ll be on later tonight if you want one.

Epic id: korben44

Nice ! I added you (: There’s something you want specifically in return ? :smiley: (Im Asurananas)

Only thing I’m looking for is a shock mirv-tacular… If not, no big deal. You can still have the laser sploder.

Hm I have Epicenter, Storm font, cloning Hunter seeker, Moxxi bouncing thing :frowning:

But thanks ! Lemme know when you’re up ! :smiley:

Saw you play flak, hope this works for ya

Nice but Im looking for a rad one !

Oo my bad, misremembered the post

i got a non-anointed double rad one

I’m online now…