PC[LF] Spiritual Driver Weapon Dmg/Shotgun Damage and Projector Magazine Size H[Lots]

Please let me know what you are looking for and ill check the cache!


LF Wagon Wheel (6 shot) - ASE 100% dmg AND Shock Recurring Hex - Apply Terror
Anointed Moonfires, Maggie - ASE 100% dmg

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I have a moonfire with 15% lifesteal on ASE, a 5 shot Wagon with 50% corrosive dmg 2 mags on ASE if either of those are suitable

Are you aware that class mod is modded and unobtainable in game?

umm no. What does that mean?

Class Mods have limits on how much they can boost each skill. Mindfulness as a 3 point skill can be boosted by a max of 3, hence doubling the total points you’d have in mindfullness to 6.

That particular com boosts mindfulness by 5, this can’t happen in game. Someone would need to use external software to create the class mod.

oh that makes sense