PC[LF]Transformer w.ASE corrosive and Stop-Gap w.ASE Cryo

I am also LF Recurring Hex or It’s Piss with ASE element bonus.

I have Bloodletter with +5 to Phalanx Doctrine, several artifacts and some Crossroads, Flakker, Trevonator with ASE anoint for trade.

I have a bonus corrosive transformer.

I’d trade for Blast Masters with + smg damage (must have Redistribution) or Big Boom Blasters with capacities of over 6200 or annointments beneficial to Moze.

I have neither of those.

Any interest in a Clowing Bear com, or a Burning Flakker with 125% splash dmg bonus ASE?

If you can’t come to a agreement with the other guy then I also have a transformer with corrosive ase :slight_smile:

I have Blast Master com with Redistribution actually. It just doesn’t have SMG dmg.

Emmettj4, what are you looking to trade yours for?

Do you happen to have any of the new zane or fl4k class mods? Or any cold warrior coms with mainly points in synchronicity and decent passives?

Unfortunately, I don’t.

I just got a Cold Warrior com with +2 Synchronicity +3 Ready for Action.
Vladof fire rate +15%, reload speed 25%
Atlas crit 45%,