(PC)Looking for a day one Australian group to play through with (assuming everything works :s)

Leave your discord here if you are interested or need someone :slight_smile:

Is this for PC? Or a Console platform?

Oh apologies, PC.

No worries, just so that when we get the trading posts up I can throw it across straight away for you.

Here is few of PC players looking also for people to coop. You might find someone here:

Appreciate that, just looking for local people though :slight_smile:

Hey, im looking for a group too, add me directly(Pern#4777).

Hey. I am in Aus and playing on PC sept13. My discord username is !Tunza!#6848 .

Are you going to be setting up a server in discord?

Getting keen now. Not long to go!

heey guys

am trying to setup a borderlands 3 community. and always searching for people to hang out with on discord. if u are interest add me on discord