(PC) Looking for Australian friends / discord for raiding premades, either gonna make a discord server for us all or if anyone has a set up can I join you? I can easily pull my weight even in Mayhem 4

Hey guys, I am a 26 year old Australian looking for fellow Australians for multiplayer so we get discord communication, know eachothers strengths and weaknesses and how to cover eachother’s weaknesses etc, help eachother with loot that I/we think another user would do better with,looking for people who take optimising out builds and high end raiding would do better with are there any clan / guild type things going on? I’ve been raiding since 2008 when I was 15 back in burning crusade / wotlk. Quit wow in 2011 though. I have a level 50 Fl4k (support role, Rakk Fl4k, still a crit build, explained below) and level 50 Moze. I really want some friends to play with sort of like a raiding guild, but I need Australian friends specifically as all my Borderlands friends are from NA / Europe and I’ll have like 350ms latency on those servers which would suck major ass. Here’s an example of the loot I got.

I run Rakk Attack to maintain 100% uptime on god-roll perks, also enemies damaged by Rakk Attack take 50 / 100% damage from all sources, which enables me to play a very powerful support role, meaning I can fit on a team with another Fl4k and they can run the Fade Away / Stalker build and it’s almost like having 2 different classes due to the benefits from the debuff even though this build is still VERY much a crit build (about maintaining triple - quad damage total god roll perks [shields and grenades providing 50% extra weapon damage which on double damage… yeah] up permanently by taking advantage of RA’s extremely short cooldown and multiple charges.) so I fit on to a team very nicely :smiley:
Username: liltripperalyssa (like my reddit name minus the first ‘a’ due to character limit)looking forward to seeing you guys at the Blacksite, lets smash out some Mayhem 4 raids :slight_smile:

Fl4k is my main, the build is about keeping 100% uptime on all “on-ASE” perks, and can team with other Fl4ks as I run Rakk Attack and have anointed weapons that make enemies damaged by Rakk Attack take 50 or even 100% extra damage from all sources, meaning I can play a very powerful support role, the other Fl4k can be the person with Fade Away / Stalker.

I also have a Moze, and I’m building a Terror build because Moze has a long action skill cooldown, on-ASE perks aren’t anywhere near as powerful as they are on Rakk Fl4k (which is still VERY much a crit build, RA DOES scale through M4, as it scales almost entirely with on-ASE anointments which are extremely strong, the term “god-roll” exists for a reason and Rakk Fl4k / Hunter > Master is about being entirely god-rolled, with no downtime at all, which is good because having too many of the same class / build and if I’m not mistaken almost EVERYONE runs Fade Away / Stalker, so having 2 Fl4ks won’t be an issue as I have a unique build. I might start uploading videos of boss runs etc in Mayhem 4 with it, gotta learn how to edit video though.
My Moze is Bottomless Mags > Demolition Woman, got a lot of rapid-fire / splash damage / rapid-fire splash damage which is awesome.
Hope this works, would love a raiding team / to be part of a raiding team, I can certainly pull my own weight and can record my Mayhem 4 gameplay to prove I can pull my weight <3, if necessary I can show video of mayhem 4 gameplay, I made short work of the final boss of the TVHM campaign with ease in M4 :slight_smile: