[PC] match making quit, played another and then rejoined 1st

I just played Algorithm so when the next lobby forced me into the same map again I quit.

I joined a new lobby, joined Void’s Edge, played through to completion, got the gear, opened the loot, sold all the trash and then went to join another game and it rejoined me to Algorithm saying I was still playing with a character I never selected (Marquis). I had been playing Thorn. I wasn’t playing Marquis at all tonight.

It spawned me over the ISIC boss fight at level 1. We beat him but it crashed right when the skull would spawn, I uploaded the pic of the error. It dumped to desktop. When I reentered, no gear, no XP. Quit, waited, rejoined but still no gear & no XP.


Expected behavior - quitting a lobby should disconnect you from it and let somebody else join.

The existing behaviour would allow a leveling exploit where people could do it on purpose, rush the 2nd game and if it didn’t crash on rejoin, they could get 2x the XP for just 5 or 10 mins time in the ‘wrapper’ lobby while the other players had to suffer being down 1 player for most of the mission.