PC Matchmaking Broken?

I’m currently sitting in queue with a full group of 5 people, and have confirmation that there is another full group of 5 people also in queue. Both groups are in the same region. We’ve been like this for about 40 minutes without getting matched with each other. This isn’t the first time that something like this has happened.

We just want a game. Match the two full, ready teams that are sitting in queue.


I can confirm the same happening to me as well.

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I would guess this problem probably exists on console too but just isn’t as noticeable with a higher playerbase


We call it purgatory and results in us cancelling matchmaking and going back in. If I see the counter go to 9/10 and reset o 5/10 I’ll leave queue and go back in.

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Its called garbage matchmaking. But why would it get fixed, right?
Its probalbly waiting to find a bunch of new players to match you aginst, and to be inevitably stomped.

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almost broken. all is bad, need a reengineering.

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Solution is simple … Cross-Platform with either XO/PS4 would let the small PC community enjoy the game to its fullest potential.
There is no other way :pensive:


Crossplay would be cool in terms of allowing vets to connect cross platform (which would be pretty great, don’t get me wrong), but it would do nothing to fix what drove PC players away in the first place, just prolonging the inevitable.

Though I guess the games fullest potential isn’t very impressive, currently.

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I said it once but I’ll say it again.
Battleborn took INSANE backlash from Gaming Media Outlets and OW fanboys.
Doesn’t matter if it will be F2P or NOT.
If you can’t Market your game at the right time in the right place AHEM AHEM 2K A-HOLES, then it won’t live up to its expectations (and then THEY claim that “Battleborn and Evolve is not one of our Games” b*stards…)

ANY-WHO ! , what I’m trying to say is that the PC platforms holds around 100-200 players per-day + region separations reduces the number even less , hence the reason for the “Broken Matchmaking”.
If PC players want to play with a good connection and get players much faster , they need a bigger player base. That’s it !

Solution #1 is to try to bring back the rest of the 12,070 players at “all-time pick” (which is impossible due to various issues at lunch the need to unlock ALL characters in the game which is tedious )

Solution #2 is Free 2 Play , which isn’t bad, but again bad timing since there are already F2P MOBA games out there like Paladins , MXM and Paragon. F2P might increase the player base by the hundreds. Depending on how the F2P version will work the player base might grow or fall-short.

Solution #3 (which is the simplest one) is Cross-Platform. while the Consoles won’t really notice the change, the remnants of Battleborn on PC would finally be able to jump into matchmaking without scratching their balls for half hour while looks at 9 rows that say " @ Searching for Opponents… "

Now , which do you choose ?


Except, the matchmaking is broken, has been broken, and will always be broken if the devs think it’s only problem is population.

And whatever amount crossplay added to the console population, it wouldn’t be enough because console players are complaining about the same unfair matchmaking that drove off the PC population.

Played a match on PS4, level 7, first PvP match, had the highest command rank on my team. Enemy teams lowest is 108. Sure, I’ve got time on PC but the game can’t know that. It matched my team thinking “okay, new players, default elo, looking good, lets go” and then picked the enemy team “eh whatever, here’s another team in queue right now” That match took under 20 seconds to find, you cannot honestly tell me that’s the best it could do.

Ultimately, matchmaking times don’t matter when the match quality is garbage. I’m not saying “Don’t do crossplay” because at least it would help solve one problem, for a while at least. But if that’s the fullest potential this game has…


True true.
I made a topic about this about 4 months ago when I was lvl max on the PS4 platform.
I even have lots of videos on Youtube when I was with a high team against a low lvls.

From what I got in my own topic , I think someone said it can’t be fixed for some reason.

Still, I think we should let the rest of the PC players atleast find someone in matchmaking instead of waiting 40 minutes for a single match.
its bad enough the player base is around 150 and as a salt to injury you get Region separations.
I actually had to re-install this game on the US region in-order to find a full 5 teams players to play bots battles (which is lame…).
PC needs the Cross-playform to actually be played as it should ! that includes the Coop sessions as well

This game is really just a lesson that what makes or breaks a pvp game is the fairness of its matches.This includes issues around premades in pub servers, team equality via elo/gametime, and region-locking/lag.

I only have fond memories of games with server lists. Matchmaking has literally never worked well in any game that I have played, least of all this one. Ditch the algorithms and let the players decide what matches they want to participate in. Implement a quick-match system for those that are too lazy to do so or don’t really care.


Simple plan, but it’s really out of GB’s hands and unfortunately falls to 2K:

  • Free to Play
  • Solo/Duo queue permanent for more casual/balanced gameplay.
  • Quick Match is as it is.
  • Drop the Bots Battle queue until a much later date.
  • Restrict PvP access to bots only until a short, but reasonable cap to familiarize players with game. ie, CR 1 through X can get grouped together and play random bots with human/player like names. They may think it’s players but at least it gives them some experience first before being thrown to the wolves.

Do you realize how many players would have stayed had they not been stomped every single game by getting grouped with random low level people versus a full high level pre-made?

This next “big” update, assuming it ever lands, will tell every single one of us here where BB will be in a few months depending on what the actual content of the update is. As in it will meet most of what I just said and maintain a decent enough of a population to stick around for a while or it won’t in which case it will slowly die out of existence.
(After spending 45 minutes in queue two nights ago without finding a single game while 2 friends were in their own queue waiting on a single 5th person for 45 minutes - in which case we would have played each other. Think about that… We couldn’t find a match because we needed just ONE SINGLE PLAYER to join the queue… Every passing day without an update is just one more nail in the coffin so to speak. It’s depressing.)

I’d rather not play with people who have the potential of aimbotting, that is the exact reason I play on PS4 rather than PC even though I own both. Also, even if pc players dont cheat they still would have a HUGE advantage over console players while using a keyboard and mouse.

People use keyboard and mouse on ps4, I don’t think it gives a huge advantage.


I’ve gotta disagree. I can snipe like a madman in a twitch shooter on PC because following a head with a mouse is vastly easier than following a head with a joystick. Sniping on console isnt too bad in this game only due to the aim assist that snaps you to a targets head when you initially zoom in.
Both PC and consoles have their advantage but I feel the PC advantage of just having straight up better aim ability out weighs the aim assist that consoles get.
Also, I dont think it’s possible to use a keyboard and mouse on (most) PS4 games for this exact reason.

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For some maybe, I’m probably awful with a mouse and keyboard so I’m probably a bit biased about it. With Battleborn you don’t really need pinpoint accuracy so I don’t think it gives much of an advantage. Also, I take aim assist off so it doesn’t help me too much I don’t think!


Honestly the aim assist in this game is strong enough that it might as well give certain characters aim bot on console. Plus this isn’t a twitch shooter. The higher ttk makes that precision shooting less important.


This Saturday I waited for more than 15 mins in queue. I stopped the game and went to play Paladin and got a match in less than a minute. After one battle in paladin, i quickly realized (again) how boring it is for me to kill and die so easily… went back to Battleborn and waited patiently for a match.

Regardless of its horrible matchmaking, Battleborn is still more amazing than these higher populated games for me.

The TTK in Battleborn is pretty amazing if you also factor in the time it takes to find a game to get killed in