[PC] Matchmaking region locked?

I loved this game, i wasnt too much interested on it before the beta but now i really want to buy it, BUT, the waiting times on the beta were horrible. 45minutes was the longes wait i had before i could find a match, i never could play Coop with random people because there wasn’t anyone playing it.
I heard a rumor about the beta was region locked, and in the few matches i could play i saw 95% of the time people from my same country (Mexico).

I really hope thats not true, because that limits the community for this game A LOT! and i want to more people playing this game on almost every hour (i can LFG, i know, but i have 2 jobs and its hard to find other users who share my same free time hours)

nope, not locked, i played with several japanese guys, and people from everywhere.

and maybe it was because of the first batch of servers were too few to handle that many connections but days later wait times were in seconds. by the way im from mexico too. cheers!