[PC] Missing EXE and Zero Byte Download

Exactly as the title implies, downloading the game through steam results in a 0-byte download and “missing EXE” prompt on startup; I’ve been trying to find a workaround for this for days now, have posted in another thread where many others were having the same issue, and there has been a distinct lack of constructive support regarding this topic from any party, official or otherwise. So far I’ve…

Reinstalled Battleborn
Restarted Steam
Reinstalled Steam
Restarted Windows
Reinstalled Windows
Duplicated the issue on another machine
Looked for solutions online
Commented on other threads regarding the same issue
Comment on lack of feedback
Cry about lack of feedback
Get salty and make brand new forum post due to lack of feedback

Seriously, I want to play the game; hell, I want to buy the $80 pre-order pack, but before any of that happens, I’d like to at least figure out if I’m actually going to be able to use the product I’m spending that money on. So, does anyone have any suggestions or fixes? If not, is there any way I can get a little help here from the gearbox angels-on-high?