PC Multiplayer freeze

I can play offline fine as long as I want, but as soon as I make session public. or join a game, the game always freezes.

me to :frowning:
let me know if you find a solution please

Same here and I have tried everything :

  • Uninstalled and reinstalled the graphic crad drivers.
  • Lowering all games settings.
  • Verifying the games files integrity.
  • Switching from controller to mouse/keyboard.
  • Disabling nvidia physx.
    And by games I mean both Borderlands 2 and BorderLands The Pre-Sequel.

Same here. Also tried almost everything. Looks like those freezes started to occure after 2.0.0 patch, bacause I haven’t such problems before.

Try changing network mode from online public to invite only or friends only, I played BorderLands The Pre-Sequel for more than an hour and it did not freeze.

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I’m having the same problem. I think the issue is with crossplay between Epic and Steam. I’m on Steam and whenever someone from Epic joins me, my game crashes after a while.
And when I join someone who is on Epic, I get disconnected after a while. It’s likely that their game crashed :frowning:

Lots of people have this issue, so please fix this important problem