PC Multiplayer - Is it going to be fixed? Feeling misled

I bought this game a few weeks back, and one of the main reasons for this are the boasted multi player features such as circle of slaughter etc. However, no matter which mayhem I put the game mode on, or which region I join, I am NEVER getting put into full parties. It has happened once.

I am having to literally spend more time in the match making queue leaving games and rejoining until I am lucky enough to have a party of three people or more which just isn’t happening.

Even when I give up and just duo with someone, no one EVER joins the game, surely in the 30-45 minutes it takes to do a circle of slaughter someone in the world is also trying to matchmaking, and if that’s the case they should join our game.

I know this isn’t an issue on consoles, the matchmaking seems to work there, but on PC it is currently broken. Do the official developers have any announcement on this, are they even aware of it and is it going to be fixed because right now the multiplayer aspect was a huge selling point in me getting the game and it feels feature incomplete without matchmaking working.

Dissapointing as the game is amazing otherwise,.

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Me too am having troubles getting full parties in matchmaking on PC.

Last night, decided to do some proving grounds in matchmaking, most people I had was 3 total.
Most of the time was even 2. Funny thing, I kept getting put together with the same player, for about 3 different proving grounds (we actually were put together before the PG’s in a CoS too), so I ended up just putting him/her on my friendslist for future runs.

After the player left, I went into matchmaking again, only to end up with one other player again, we did a couple of PG’s, and decided to put eachother on the friendslist again haha.

Slowely gettting a friendslist together atm, so I won’t have to deal with matchmaking ever again. It’s a great way to meet people though, as mentioned above. But it’s kinda broken atm idd.

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