PC Multiplayer issue

Multiplayer seriously needs to be worked on with the insane Lag / Delay thats happening in someone’s Game, it’s a Pain in the Butt to correctly Aim or figuring out who’s hitting you. Hosting a Game works just fine but not when joined someone and it’s driving me Nuts.

Multiplayer is a peer to peer connection. It’s not hosted on a dedicated server run by gearbox. This is why you don’t see lag when hosting (unless your PC itself lags) but do when joining other people. What you’re seeing is the latency between you and the host. They can optimize net code all they want but they cannot resolve ISP related issues or problems caused by how the connection is routing itself through the net to get from point A to point B. I’ve joined games on here and other titles that also use peer to peer connections and there have always been differences in latency based on who was actually hosting the game.

i played a lot of circle of slaughter with random hosts i rarely had problems with lag’s its nothing that needs to be fixed its either ur interned is having problems or the host u are joined in.

I doubt it’s on my end as i have 25 mb Down and 10 Upload. Could be the Host i sometimes Join, he’s living in Malaysia and i live in Germany so what @UkyoSonoda said sounds logical.
Actually haven’t thought about Peer to Peer Connection and pretty much wasted my Time creating this Thread as well as other’s Time checking this Thread.