[PC]Need help getting the "And They'll Tell Two Friends" Achievement

EDIT: Found the Journal, so all’s good on that front.

I don’t know anyone who has the achievement “And They’ll Tell Two Friends”, and I don’t know any way of finding someone other than running into them by luck on the steam forums, and I figured this would be an easier way to find someone. Does anyone here on the forums have it on PC, and would they be willing to get into a co-op game so I can get the achievement?

Thank you! According to the wiki, it still works, last tested in May. Depending on when they migrated to steam, it should still work. Seeing as they still have the achievement on Steam, I’m guessing it’s at the very least obtainable.

I’ve got it on steam.

I’m kinda stuck for awhile, but I could be available in about 2 hours or so.

I’m on EST, if we need to plan for the future.

Heck, @Tokesy97, if you need it too I can do that, just noticed you need it.
It’s a bit late for you already, but I’m… hoping to be home and available within the next hour and a half.


I’ve still been playing through the DLCs of the first playthrough, so I haven’t worried about it too much. If you could, could you add me on Steam so we can talk about setting a time for me to get the achievement? This is my Steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/TheDarkestShado/