[PC] Numerous Crashes that Wont Stop

I love this game, but despite this i have had numerous crashes on this game. It doesnt matter where or what i do, but I non stop crash. It mostly happens at the character select screen, on the main menu, and at the start of a co-op or versus game.

I have a couple pictures to show proof of this happening and what it says when it does crash. I’ve verified my files more than once. But that does not stop it. Another topic had this same issue and they seem to have had an AMD CPU. I do as well, and an AMD GPU as well. So maybe the AMD drivers for this game are not top notch. I played the CTT and never crashed ONCE. So i dont know what happened in the development to cause it to mess up now. But i hope it gets fixed soon rather than later.


I don’t believe it has anything to do with AMD. I have the exact same problem as you (same crash spots and frequency) but I have a Pentium G3258 and a GTX 750ti. Which this entire problem is really weird because I played in the early access preview of the game (right before the open beta) and had no problems with crashing whatsoever.

Yes im getting these as well can’t even get past the first mission always crashes before finishing and then when you come back in the characters all rank zero again so I can’t make any progress or do much of anything

Intel i7 4770k
gigabyte windforce 760 oc 4gb
16gb patriot ram
msi mpower max z87 mb
two smasung 850 evo in raid 0
on windows 10 version1511 ( Build 10586.164)