PC - Opening Map shuts off my PC

The last time I played was Sunday Feb 8th, and today (Feb 10th) I launched the game and opened the map, and my PC powered off instantly. No shut down, no notices, it was like I pushed the off button. Afterwards the PC will not turn back on unless I unplug it and plug it back in. This is not a new install - I’ve got well over 100 hours in the game at this point. I’ve replicated the issue multiple times. The game runs fine until I open the map.

All other UI elements seem to work fine. Just the map blows everything up.

AMD 3800X
Windows 10 Pro
5700 XT - Running 19.7.5 drivers

Nothing is overclocked, and no performance boosting software is installed. I honestly don’t even know how this is possible.

It does sound like a possible power supply graphic card issue.

Try it again and hopefully the issue goes away.

There is always checking for updates … and even rolling back off of newer graphic card updates.

If a desktop PC …

The next thing is the power supply is probably at fault, they do get old. It would be nice if you had another you could test with, but other than that just gonna have to buy another power supply.

There could be BIOS setting to shut off the PC in case of power fluctuations. You could disable that feature, but it does protect hardware so do so only if you are fine without that protection.

2nd the power supply issue. When BL3 was released many if not all PC shut off problems were related to weak/bad power supplies.

I appreciate the ideas, but it is a brand new PC with an 850W gold cert PSU. The only application this occurrs in is BL3. It may be a driver issue but even then it seems like bad implementation vs a true hardware issue. It’s such an edge case I don’t actually expect gearbox to do anything I just wanted to throw it on the radar.

Borderlands 3 isn’t well optimized on PC and uses a lot of resources. As it is shutting down right away, my bet is that the PSU is faulty, not giving enough power, as the GPU usage peaks exactly after loading maps. Check if the PSU cables are properly connected to the VGA, if I’m not mistaken your card uses two connectors, 8-pin and 6-pin.

It can be temperatures as well, which can be monitored with programs like MSI Afterburner for videocards and Core Temp for processors.

PC components unfortunately can fail at any time, no matter if they are new or not. A technical assistance center can easily pinpoint the problem you’re having.

I’m having the exact same issues, my PC isn’t brand new, but I’m running a 1000w psu.

Same issue here, this cant be a coincidence…

Like it or not, if a game/intensive program shuts of you machine (and there is no Windows audit log suggesting otherwise), it’s more than 90% likely to be a PSU issue. Few people will help with debugging until you can either prove there is no fault with the PSU or establish that the problem persists with a different PSU. Try some torture tests like Furmark and Prime95 to see if you can induce the stability issues without Borderlands. If you can manually induce it you can narrow down the cause.

Output wattage does not rule out a PSU issue. There could be a fault or one of the rails could be overloaded.

Also, necro much?