PC performance has drastically improved since launch

I’m sure many of you know, pc had a ton of performance issues at launch. Particularly on maps like echelon. I’ve been dying to find someone who has downloaded the new patch to report if it’s helped. I found this:

At launch: " I don’t know what changed with the final game but it ran like trash on my PC."
Now: “I played some private matches, the performance issues seem to be pretty much non-existent at this point”

Definitely good news. If you know anyone who stopped playing because of performance, tell them to give it a go again


This is a good step but on high end nVidia systems that allow GeForce to max everything I haven’t noticed anything.
The game runs great for me, same as it was from the release, but yes good for those where it didn’t.

For me, the graphics quality went down… things are darker and less vibrant post patch (PC NVIDIA).

I hope things will improve even more for you PC-gamers! As XB1-consolero its hard to see how many gamers & fans seem to have a rather bad experience on PC…

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I have a shiny new 1070 arriving this week, making the move from an R9 280. Should be a huge improvement.