PC performance issues - SMP limitations?

I like this game very much, its quite great, a lot of fun and almost perfect.
I’t seems that in single player mode performance is quite constant but I’ve found that situation is similar to this with BL2. Rendering speed in some areas is tied to CPU speed and it seems (in complex areas) that process is not scallable to multiple cores - one core with super high utilisation. (when you turn around and look at floor CPU is instantly down) Is this UT4 limitation? I’ve passed this magic switch with “use all available cores” but it does not help. Seems I need to change CPU for the one that have highest speed on per core.

I know that I have ancient CPU (Xeon 3440@ 3.3 Ghz) but it seems that still one core speed limits whole frame rendering time. Most of the time I’m able to hit 80 FPS ( RTX 2070 super / 1080p / 175% resoultion scaling) but in Lectra city, on high place with a lot of visible “sectors” FPS drop to 40-30 FPS, with very low GPU utilization.

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I wish more people were still talking about this at this point but I’m starting to think everyone has just given up on this game altogether and moved on. You know what the devs are thinking when we’re over a month post-launch, without a word, not one word, much less one single patch, yet three consecutive weeks in a row of nerfs and they’re just churning out events and dlc’s and pumping em out, and pumping em out, and pumping em out one after another.

Total silence on optimization though. It seems to me these guys have missed their window with the PC crowd. Meanwhile, Destiny 2 has ran smooth as butter for years and is now on STEAM, and 80% of the game is free to anyone and everyone. Do the math.

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