PC PhysX Issues with Nvidia GTX 970 and SLI support

Hi every one.
Yes I probably would not be the first that will begin to take this issue up here, but I think it’s important that it’s something that will be looked into.

A few months ago I sold my 2xGTX 660 ti graphics cards which I was happy to have them, but I wanted something new equipment, so I bought me 2xGTX 970 graphics cards that I’ve been incredibly pleased with. I am a proud owner of Borderlands all three versions there have been made, and is a big fan. but the final version of the game has really ruined it. Thought it is too bad of so great a game company does not bother to look into it and fix the main problem as there have been for so many years.

You have evidently decided to let the 600 Series could run max details in the game with PhysX on ultra settings, but when it comes to graphics cards that are 20 times faster than a 600 series cards. So I do not understand with your last patch that came out, That in not corrected the errors that you get from it.

If you are doing a search on google you can find 1,000 of the player who has the same problems with your PhysX, providing incredible bad performance and low fps, when that really happens, but funny enough so it does not happen to them as pages on older cards that are in 600 series, I have not even seen this problem in BL2 but can confirm that it is everywhere on the Nvidia forum and steam forums and even your own forum is this a known problem.

And actually thought it’s too bad that in not looking into it, GearBox dev know perfectly well that this is a problem and should be ashamed of yourselves, in order not to give any information to your fans, and probably need to look at the issue.

its more likely a driver issue than a game issue. or possibly a motherboard issue. you may not be running both cards optimally. also, the engine itself is just really, really old. its not optimized for these cards.

yeah i have heard that one before, but it is not motherbord thing, i have played this game in coop up with my nephew and he use a way lower spec of pc then me with one of my old gtx 660 ti cards in it, and he can have it all on max settings and he have no fps issues at all, same windows, same driver.

its not the same driver, since you have different cards. what motherboard do you have?

ofc it is the same driver. it is just for a older card.
im using a Z87 GD65 Gaming MSI mortherbord using the new news bios there is.
having a I7 4770k cpu OC to 4100, but i had the same problem with my other Mb i used before, im not the only one who says this problem is from the game side, a lot out there specific says its the PhysX there is the problem, i can turn it off and problem solve, but where is the fun in that when geforce experience says it can run it with all in max.

and if it should be a mb problem its still Gearbox who should fix it, and not the user who buy the game, if you have High end gaming system you also expect to be able to play the game.

ok, next question. what OS are you using? Windows 10’s auto updates are known to break nvidia drivers
if so, you might try turning off the Windows 10 Xbox DVR app. I believe it enforces vsync regardless of what you have the game set to use.

Otherwise, maybe its because unreal engine 3 is 11 years old and your cards are very new.

also, if you ARE using win 10, you may have the same issue otaku had, which is that its using the win 10 nvidia driver, instead of the one you want.

i had same problem on win 8.1 so i its not win 10, as im telling you, i was sitting in the same room with my nephew the other day, with the same settings, same windows install, same win 10 GFX driver, its not the win10 apps, i have remove and disable all does things from start as i hate win apps. the problem is the game is not been optimize for newer gen grafx cards. witch Gearbox should have look in to for long time ago.

well i’ve done all I can from afar.

well i had some hopes that Gearbox at some point would listen to its customers and replay on there topics here and tell what is going on…

PhysX on Ultra for me has been known to crash my game a lot. The thing with PhysX and Borderlands is, it uses the CPU instead of the Graphics cards which is…interesting to say the least.

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