PC Player-base Update, Please!

Devs please read,

So it’s no secret that PC Battleborn is on the verge of death, within the past month people have been playing more and more exclusively in 10 mans and the quick match becomes dead a little after 12 when I used to be able to play till 5:00 AM in the morning just a couple months ago.

The thing is PC Battleborn NEEDS a player-base update, no not another mode that will split up the community with an extra queue and make the game dead in a week or so, but a way to actually revive the PC player-base

Can only Gearbox devs fix the player-base problem?

Well sure they would be the ones to make this game F2P or have PS4 cross-play happen.

However, no, the Battleborn devs could make a simple server browser instead of the restrictive region locked match-making which makes players from US/EU barely even know each other. This would also help noobs not get stomped since they wouldn’t be put up against pre-mades.

So I really hope the devs make some kind of update to revive the PC player-base in the update that is coming up in a few weeks to keep PC Battleborn alive because I know a lot of my friends are moving over to PS4 Batlteborn, which is sad when just a simple change like adding a server browser would greatly improve match finding and make the game approachable for noobs.


I don’t see how a server browser would make the game easier for new players or make them any less likely to match up against premades?

This button:
Connect me to any of the 50 people playing Battleborn Worldwide


At this moment there are 53 ppl playing this game worldwide. If all ppl went to PvP - only 5 different matches could be possible. 5.

But divide that number into regions.

I don’t think it’s even possible to get a single PvP match in every region. Yep. Healthy playerbase. And still you have to be optimistic and think that all of them are not playing any PvE content (13 different missions) and bots battles and are joining that single Quick Match queue.


A server browser is not really needed. I’d like to see a system built around open and invite only lobbies (already in the game) and direct matches between teams (with no queues at all).

  • Ranked or semi ranked to avoid 24/7 stomps (If you challenge newbies with a tournament team, they won’t accept that match, look for someone in your league or split up your team to make it more fair).
  • Allow async team sizes (3 higher skilled players against 5 lower skilled players may result in an almost fair match - that’s how I balance my training sessions with and against bots at least).
  • Gamemode decision comes after two teams were matched together. This even opens up the option to let the top teams play draft (or tournament rules) 24/7, if there is at least another team in their range available (instead of queueing up for draft on saturday blindly in hope of finding anyone) and casuals to play even something like bird hunt.

It’s a system that worked for our amateur football, basketball, etc. games with other kids when I was younger, I don’t see why it shouldn’t work here. Wrote a little bit more about it and how I could see it implemented here.

Sadly I, as well as most the people I play(ed) with, have come to the same conclusion: Only a free to play or cross platform solution is going to save the PC. So many other opportunities have been missed along the way so far… And due to that there are no updates, regardless of what’s in them, that’s going to bring people back. At least in any worthwhile numbers or for any extended period of time.
I was debating an uninstall last night because I just haven’t been able to get into the game like I used to over the last few weeks. It’s a crappy feeling, but it’s one I think that’s shared by quite a few people now. :frowning:


Is this what a eulogy sounds like?



this is what a server browser is xD, you have a list of open lobbies that anyone can join by putting them on a list of lobbies

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They join a match, and the players divide up the teams. Sure there could be a pre-made of 5 waiting but considering pub-stomping usually isn’t fun then most likely they would split up the teams to make it even. While in match-making you don’t get this chance since the game finds an enemy team for you so if it’s against a bunch of noobs then u pub-stomp em’.

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130 was the peak players in the past 24 hours, and probably 75%+ of those players or more were in PvE/bots since it’s so hard to get into PvP without getting pub-stomped or waiting for a team that’ll never get formed.

A server browser would allow these players to get back into PvP by having the community balance the games and get into games a lot faster since they just have to see a game with 8/10 players and they can join and know they won’t have to wait 30 mins to find a match and they could join matches that aren’t in their region.

So if that causes the percent to go from 75% in PvE and 25% in PvP down to 50% PvE and 50% PvP then it not only doubles the PvP population and makes matches more balanced but also a server browser allows PvE players a chance to pick the mission/ops they want to do for farming gear/skins.

Note: I’m taking about the PC version, so sure a server browser won’t save the game, cross-play/F2P have that potential, but once those come out it could help stabilize the population, ex: Asians won’t quit because they don’t see games in their region. Also in the mean time, a server browser would really help the few players left on PC have a better more balanced time playing Battleborn and less time waiting!


lololo (correct)

Ok, misunderstood you. Thought you meant something like “Show every player in Europe”, “Show everyone in NA”, … because that’s not really necessary. Just a lobby browser with an indicator showing the ping is enough.

Breaking Character…

Matchmaking has needed a complete overhaul since public beta.
That is THE biggest problem that has yet to be addressed significantly.
And, sadly, it’s also one of the most significant problems when trying to retain a player base.


I just got this sh*t on PC and omg. I’ve been in queue for like 1h and only got 5 people. Is there anyone playing this? Why aren’t the Devs making this a F2P asap? It’s plain (silly) how dead it seems atm.

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Yeah, what I meant by talking about US/EU barely knowing each other, I meant that if I join queue up at an in-between EU/US time like 6 PM in NY or something when EU players are getting off and US players are getting on then if there is a team that needs one more player in EU to get a match going then I won’t be able to play with them due to regional match-making unless I change my download region, which I wouldn’t know to do since I don’t know who is playing in EU anyway.

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Because it isn’t up to them. The publisher, in this case 2K, gets to make the business decisions. I feel like a broken record repeating this…

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Well, in that case. Why are 2K not making it inot a F2P? They -would- make more money…

They did that with Evolve. After 2 weeks they dropped it pretty much. People can stil play it, but it didn’t make the revenue 2K was hoping for.


2 weeks? Only 2 weeks after it became f2p? Isnt that a small time to let new players learn the game?

Three hours was in search of the game. On Sunday … There’s no one.
Unfortunately this game is valid dead.