PC players, we all need friends hit me or others up!

Me and one other buddy are going to be playing day of release luckily for us where we live we get to play september 12 @ 4pm :smiley:

SO if anyone that day or any other day wants to add me to play feel free to, Epic name is: UncivilBGaming

Also if anyone is wondering, ill be maining FL4K and second choice which was my original pick is MOZE.

Copy…see you in 6 months :sunglasses:

Waiting for it to be on steam?

Yeah…Love Borderlands…Epic isnt getting a penny from me.

This thread has a line for epic and for steam names. Along with other useful information for lobbies.

sent you a request. my name is antient mariner. I played through borderlands 2 by myself back on pS3.i don’t have any friends on PC since ive made the jump and its really lonely here…