[PC] Post-Beta feedback (bugs, opinions)

  1. Phoebe’s skirts won’t you let see anything when mid-air fighting ISIC boss.

  2. ISIC boss’s knockback distance is extremely annoying. It’s not challenging, it’s not fun, it’s just plain annoying.

  3. Getting stuck near stairways - sometimes you’d fall into the narrow area between a stairway and its adjacent wall. It takes time and patience to get out.

  4. Falling through textures - sometimes after teleporting or getting knocked back (not sure which) could throw out through the world objects and you’d fall beneath the map.

  5. Teleporting inside the enemy instead of at specified location - this one is sabotaging player’s abilities. If I try to teleport (Phasegate) in front of ISIC’s battery, 95% of the time I’d get under his paw. I’ve seen similar behaviour with other mobs, can’t recall which ones.

  6. Infinite swarmers near Verelsi portal - when you cross that bridge and there’re swarmed all around, sometimes they’ll spawn infinitely. I couldn’t figure out how to reproduce. But obviously you can farm that for score and the swarmer achievement.

  7. Useless gear - I sell 95% of the gear I get, it’s plain useless.

  8. Legendary extremely expensive to activate - no point using it, at least in PVE. The buffs it gives aren’t worth it. Same with Epic. I’ve ranked to 43 and never found anything better than blue gear. (Upd: correction, I found legendaries and epics, etc, I mean they weren’t useful at all)

  9. Master of Phoebe achievement is probably given for wrong conditions - I’ve got it at Phoebe rank 13. The achievement says “character level 15”.

  10. Desperately need an Air-to-Ground smash. The game is very mobile, and you can’t wreck enemies by jumping at them from above? Such disappointment.

  11. ISIC’s ultimate shouldn’t be permanent. ISIC easily and I mean easily, no skill needed, wins any PVE run with damage. Please make it timed like every other ult ability in the game.

  12. (upd) Public PVE matchmaking that forces you into a single-player game after a timeout is bad. I don’t want to play single, I want to find people to play with. So I need to spam leave/enter MM to work around the timeout thingy.

P.S. I’d show you screenshots, but for some reason Battleborn doesn’t take it on PrintScreen key like most other games and some things I couldn’t reproduce to take another shot later.

P.P.S. The game is ■■■■■■■ awesome, thanks. Haven’t had such fun in years.

Switched you over to the Feedback section. Best of luck.

1.) True, even for outside fighting ISIC.
2.) Very true.
3.) Got stuck once in a place like that, but then a gentleman robot helped me to get out. My issue in place of this would be getting stuck/stopped in place by small nooks and crannies, even pebbles…maybe. It’s pretty annoying.
4.) Never happened to me, so if this is a thing, I would hope it does get fixed so it will never happen too me.
5.) True, I even used ISIC dash on an enemy, and with full health and shields, instantly died…da f**k
6.) Never happened to me, sounds annoying and helpful.
7.) Don’t think this is an issue to bring up. It’s RNG loot, odds are against you getting good loot and being a beta doesn’t help.
8.) I have a couple Epic’s and a few legendaries and I agree with the cost of the legendaries being to high a cost to activate for not-that-great effects. The Rare’s are where it’s at with maybe an epic or two.
9.) No comment?
10.) Kleese has one! I don’t think everyone needs one, would feel weird and make Kleese less special.
11.) As an ISIC main, no! I love the fact you can keep it out forever, in PvE it’s very useful for mobs and bosses, but odds are you won’t be having it out through the whole run.
For PvP, I hardly use it because of the lack of mobility. As soon as people see you ult, they will keep their distance and poke at you until you die or change back. Plus you can also stun/silence him and he will go back to normal.
12.) Agreed, I find this to be very annoying. Having to wait to pick a level, then a character, then the load screen just so you can exit and try again is tedious.

I did enjoy the beta and CTT, but if only because the characters and humor make the game. PvP is “meh” and there’s hardly any campaign that doesn’t tie together! Go into one mission, go through that story, next mission, completely unrelated to the last…Left 4 Dead 2 does a better job stringing together a story from its 6(?) campaign missions xP