(PC) Quick Match is a success!

I am actually playing Meltdown.

10/10, would search again.


Playerbase on pc skyrocketed to 570 on a weekend!


I just made a very similuar thread!

I’m on PS4.

It’s been amazing.

I wish I had a way to check the numbers.

This is so encouraging to hear about the PC numbers!

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Well lootpocalypse and x4 XP helped a bit, but hey, tommorow everything will be just like it always was ~300-350 average players for pc.

As for quick play, yeah, it’s good that you can finally get a normal game on meltdown or/and capture without the craziness of chaos rumble.

Eh, if only this game had ~3000 people playing at any given time… ^^

Im not playing right now, i will be back when the DLC came out, but im glad to hear that the queue change is good for PC. :slight_smile:

that is great news! I am on PS4 and am able to get into games no sweat. I have to say, playing capture and meltdown is amazing. I love it. No more overgrowth 10 times in a row! This is really what the game needed.

This is a good fix too for when they add the new game mode(s). Having 4+ queues just won’t work until the playerbase jumps up. Still, I am happy. As a massive fan of this game I will continue to do what I can to support it and drive interest from other players.

Oh, and another good thing? Paladins open beta is out and people can FINALLY stop saying that battleborn is an overwatch clone (hilariously wrong).



I can’t find Paladins on the PSN Store…

I really do think this was the first step toward a better playerbase. People are leveling up fast, forgetting they were angry about this or that hero being locked, and most likely people are telling newbies the objectives of the different modes.

Quick match has made this game so god damned fun

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@FlamesForAll it’s on PC only so far. Wouldn’t waste your time. Anything it and overwatch do, battleborn does better :wink:

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Someday my friend some day the light that saved evolve will save battleborn (anyone that reads this, I’m not saying free to play)


Overwatch definitely does shorter matches better than battleborn, if thats what youre looking for.

I almost fell off my chair when I saw that guy cheering for 570 peak players in PC

My God, this game has sunk so hard…

Let’s keep this to positive discussion about the game, not other forum users.

I was sarcastic. Now it’s like 130 and today’s peek is 377 btw

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They need to do 2x XP on the weekends for a while.

Quick Match is REALLY fun. Let’s us play something else besides Incursion.