PC Quick Match Queue Issue

Effectively, because of the way games are formed, this queue is unworkable with less than 20-30 people in the queue.

If everybody is solo (or at least small groups) everything chugs along randomly putting people together and there’s at least a shot at a good match now and then. PUG groups break up and reform enough that even with the silly continuous queue (which was a bad idea) there is enough churn to make the queue healthy.

This stops whenever the first (or second) 5-man enters the queue. Because they have an instant full team, they jump the line and get paired with the first waiting solo group. This means that even when there are two 5-mans, they have little chance to play each other and will usually be repetitively paired with solo PUG groups until they manage to scare off enough of them that only the 5-mans are left. (And if there’s one of them…well the queue dies completely).

Please do something about this before going F2P (or whatever) or you will just shoot yourself in the foot. One queue is just an instant death spiral and the community of this game does not police itself at all. The solo/duo queue should at least be put up most of the time unless you can modify the queues to prevent obviously bad matchups…


Solo/duo queue is the only thing I can think of. I really like it, the usual groups get broken up and the games were more even and dynamic than usual.

What does not work it having it once per week.


I was talking with a pub team a few nights ago (had the bizarre urge to fire up the game, albeit briefly), and we put forward the idea that QM and Solo/Duo should alternate every day, with QM on Saturday, Solo/Duo on Sunday, QM on Monday, et cetera. So there’d only be two queues at all times… either QM or Solo/Duo, and Bots.

So that’s 5 players that thought it was a good idea, out of the 100 or so logged in at the time. So, if you think about it, that means 5% of the active PC player base would be willing to try alternating Solo/Duo and QM. Significant enough? Want me to find another 5 players, and make it 1/10th? :stuck_out_tongue:

As @tincow77 described, QM is nigh-dysfunctional with PC’s tiny player population. I think if people were forced to play Solo/Duo every other day, and started seeing actual functional matchmaking in that mode, we would see slightly better daily numbers overall. Heck, I’d fire up the game again, just out of pure curiosity.

Plus, forced Solo/Duo gives players a chance to find new players they can stand to play with, which will give them a better chance to make a 5-man team for QM queue days. It also increases the chances of new players hooking up with veterans. If there’s newbies out there buying the game on sale, we’re simply not going to meet them if matchmaking isn’t forming new piecemeal teams.

Versus matchmaking on PC is practically dead at the moment, with most of the remaining players hanging out in Private matches or Bots. At this point, I don’t see the harm of trying something fresh with the PC queues, while we wait for the potential shake-up of the next patch.

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Honestly, I would prefer if they got rid of queues in general and would focus on making open lobbies more accessible. I’ve rambled a bit about that here.

Solo/Duo will alienate people who just want to play with friends and I can understand people who don’t want to play the gamemodes which require some amount of teamwork with strangers. Quick Match has problems with creating unfair matches and being only a selection of available choices. The game has too much variety to find a compromize that pleases everyone.

Open lobbies are already in the game, you just need a lobby browser to help people find them. Teams of 10 are in the game and direct matches could be implemented by merging two teams together. Spectator mode is in the game.

I don’t like queues at all. It may be good for lazy players, but the whole responsibility for finding quick and good matches is in the hands of Gearbox. They have to police their matches (and either are blamed for not doing anything or get a huge backlash when banning someone due to wrong accuses). Direct matches and open lobbies could solve those:

  • “Ranking” will reduce the amount of pubstomps. Next to no one will accept a fight when they see the enemy team outmatches them by a huge amount.

  • If you act like a jerk: Probably no one will play with you again. You will be kicked from every lobby, maybe blocked by most of the players. Problem solved.

  • No preselection. Top teams can play draft all day every day, more casual players can even play joke modifiers. Always under the assumption that there are other players available that want to play against you. But you see up front if there is any team waiting for a match and decision about gamemode is after finding an enemy team. No blind guessing “Which queue is the least dead today?”.

It’s oldschool and a bit more work for players, but I’d prefer a system like that. I don’t see any disadvantages and so many improvements …

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Unfortunately, when Wednesday rolls around, Solo/Duo is more dead than Quick Match. I’ve long advocated for Solo/Duo to make more appearances, but I sat in that queue with @cesarcota77 for 3 hours last week, finally found a full team, got confirmation that another team was fully formed in the queue as well, and then waited 30 more minutes to not get matched with them before I ran out of time to play.

I think a chunk of the problem is that Bots Battle has overstayed its welcome and is now drawing players from the PvP side, instead of only from the PvE side like Gearbox originally insisted. Even when there are 200+ people on and Solo/Duo is up with the prospect of not having to play against people on coms, I’ll only find matches against the same 15 people, which leads me to believe that everyone else is either in PvE or playing vs Bots. I’ve also noticed that a handful of people on my friends list will claim to have jumped into Bots Battle if they weren’t successful in queue for some period of time. I like the prospect of having public queues for fighting bots (although I strongly disagree with the idea that you can earn achievements and stats in this mode, which I have elaborated on elsewhere), but I think it’s undeniable at this point that it is having a negative effect on PvP queues on PC (especially noticable when the vaunted Solo/Duo queues roll around).


…I don’t get the Solo/Duo thing, can’t we do the same thing even without the event?

It’s not about the ability to do this, it’s about the thing called premades. If players can’t play in a premade - the balance of the match will be much more healthy than the one where a 5-man premade gets paired with a team full of random solo players.

Absolutely true! I haven’t played a quick match for more than a month now. I just log in every 3 days, go for a couple of bots matches, complete the quests quickly and I’m done. I would have to waste (potentially) many more hours if I were to play in a quick match mode, because the wait times are atrocious (I tried to queue up on Wednesday, after 30 minutes only 1 player was found. Yeah…).

I don’t know why I farm the platinum, maybe I’m still waiting for the revival of this game (probably not gonna happen). I just want the devs to say: “ok, we are working on this and this stuff and that’s our plan for the long term future and la la la” then I would know if it’s worth to have this game on my computer still. Now I (and I think many of others) are just stuck in limbo here.

But with PlayerUnknowns: Battlegrounds going well, and the upcoming Destiny 2 and Quake Champions (which is prettu solid) - I don’t think I will have time for Battleborn anyway. So I guess I’ll just keep farming the platinum for a few months and turn off the life support of this game and be done with it.

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…Ah :wink:

It’s even worse because the nature of the queue as it is now (one team formed at a time, first come first serve) massively increases the odds that a 5-man full team will play a pug. Two 5-mans in a queue of 25 people will almost never play each other just because of the timing and typical way things work.

I think solo/duo is more popular.

It’s just at the point that on Wednesday there are less than 20 people playing and people get (rightfully) impatient and dance between the two queues. I’ve seen people in the solo queue say “Hey, there are people in Quick Match” then they pop back a few minutes later.

This same thing happens on Saturday too, but higher populations means there will at least be an occasional game.

My answer to this is pretty simple: Actually feature the special queues instead of throwing them out there! They were willing to remove Quick Match completely for a specialty/novelty queue but they won’t even bump these queues to the top of the list. They could make it clear that these two rotating queues community events and even give bonus XP/coins if they wanted as well…


I loved single/duo. Had some fun matches when it first came out but having it on a Wednesday made it a ghost town, it was more populated when it was on the weekend.

Yes they should be promoting both of the things on weekends (with extra loot). Team/Draft Saturday and Solo/Duo Draft or Quick Pick on Sundays. On PC there seem to be around 25 people total on Wednesdays which dooms anything there.

My input on this; I’ll gladly play solo/duo queue, but I will not try to play draft with randoms.

I think what’s really making PvP pretty much dead on PC is the 10 mans DDCP and his group of elitist do who won’t talk to anyone that uses legendaries. So instead they only play private games against themselves so no one uses them.

Those 10 people take away 2 pre-mades in the queues, I’m not one to cry about the game being dead on PC, because usually there are a handful of PC pre-mades to play against but now half the time there are only 2 and getting matched up against the same team over and over gets boring fast.

It’s funny you mention them not using legendaries because I played in a couple of those private matches before getting AIDS from people using legendaries and certain characters despite legendaries and those characters being banned (e.g. DD was on a losing streak and decided that his team could have Galilea the next match as a result). It’s also funny you call them a group of elitists, because from my experience, the games are extremely casual and basically any group in there would get bodied by the groups in public queue every night.

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That’s not really a nice thing to say. They are just players that love the game and want to play it regardless of the player base. They let anyone join their 10 mans too and they don’t use legendaries for the same reason all the battleborn tournaments/leagues/10 manns don’t use them because it’s un-balanced.


Hmm, I don’t recall that. I don’t mind losing; it tends to happen in this game… as Red said, these are pretty casual. I’d never “decide my team can have Gali” either. We almost always do Captain’s draft too, so if Gali slipped through it was probably just luck? We also ban legendaries so maybe it was a fluke / accident someone brought it; most likely not intentional. We don’t do honor bans + Captain’s Draft too, so there’s that.

And yeah, in response to Poncho, we’re pretty relaxed and just playing the game – when the playerbase is sub 150 every night, I don’t think you can blame us for getting matches together.

The groups that play in 10 mans are usually Lil Rocks, DDCP’s group and Msdurte and those guys who play w/ that really good guy I forgot the name of. All 3 are groups that used to play quick-match regularly and did just fine.

I guess they aren’t elitist but more like social justice warriors against legendary gear. Doing marches and having speeches against the terrible oppression of legendary gear…

Also are you sure u you aren’t getting AIDS confused with KU Bola? :smiley:

true I can’t blame you for getting matches together, but when the question comes down to why queues are dead when I’m with a pre-made then it’s usually because everyone is in a private match

So in responding to Beta I was saying that the private matches you guys do are decreasing the Quick match player-base significantly considering usually there are like 5 teams in queue and w/ 10 man it’s cut down to like 3

I will say 5-mans are pretty much ruining quick match in general, the reasons why were the point of my initial post but I don’t think it’s really needed to call out any names. People queue with others for various reasons, some good and some bad, even when it’s clear that in the current state of the Quick Match queue on PC the game would be better off if people queued with less “friends” or even solo.

Like I said I hope Gearbox realizes that as an ‘experienced pugger’ I hear a newbie say almost every other match something like “I waited 30 minutes for this?!” and that if they go free-to-play without addressing it any new players will quickly slip away.

The quickest thing is of course just a permanent group friendly queue and one solo/duo queue even if it is painful because waiting forever for a bad match is just a one-two punch.

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