[PC] Scoreboard / skill upgrade


I’ve been playing the demo since the start, I do like it but it does need some attention on some things. These are tips of what I think that could improve. Of course the balance but im not gonna talk about that. The thing I irritate on is whenever I watch the scoreboard I can not look around anymore. It really messes up your movement. It would be way smoother if you can still look around when you watch the scoreboard. Than the skill upgrade, you open it when you press 1. You might say: ‘YE BUT YOU CAN CHANGE THE BUTTEN LAYOUT SO DON’ T CRY’. Well again these are just my tips. I like the key layout a lot and I think the PERSISTENT PROGRESSION SYSTEM opens to fast. I think when you press 1 to open it it opens directly, this happens a lot to me in fights… It screws me over and over :P. So I think it would be better if it opens after a second or something. This way you can still press 1 without screwing your fight or anything. It would be useful because you can not upgrade your skill when you are in a fight. I think you should be able to read what next upgrade you get so you need time to read the information. So you have to be covered anyway.

Well these are my personal experiences of the closed beta! I hope they are useful I will keep playing the game because I like it!


AlmostNormalNL (Barend)

Steam: almostnormalnl (ingame name Donut)