PC Shuting down

Everytime i enter the game my PC just shut down, anyone have any idea why?


Damn. That is certainly a big issue. Please put a support ticket there.

Run through the recommended specs for BL2 and those on your PC, if they seem about alright, make sure all your drivers are updated. I’m really shooting in the dark here as I haven’t seen that occur in such instances.

But the good people over at tech support should be capable of helping you.

could be a temperature issue

man my PC has much more needed, and when i was trying to fix everyone said to update the drive, and i’ve done it. im really sad man really, i love this game and cant play it.

I’m sorry @malamalao.

Definitely contact the help desk. But I’d also run a diagnostic test.

I feel for you man. Hope you can resolve this.