As want us to buy skins and taunts if we can not see them before , I will not buy platinium , until they fix the tabs.


Please fix this ASAP.



Haven’t been on yet, but sounds like a pain. I want to see the shinies so I know what (if anything) I am interested in.

Though the skins & taunts are not to preview on the Marketplace you can go under the “Appearence” tap of every character and look on them there. All skins & taunts should appear in the normal S&T-lists and you can try them out.
I hope they add a full preview function in the Marketplace though, its tedious to switch arround.

(If you really have a bug on PC I apologize for smartassing, but I just was like “No Preview???!!!” myself until I saw them in the “Appearence” tap :smile: )

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Nope cant see anything in the appreance tab either. Dont think my game has updated yet.

Exactly we cant see the “tab” for skins and taunts in Shop till we buy some Platinium, and that is a problem, ppl dont want to buy currency If they can not know where they will spend it. lol.

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I am on pc and as of like 10 minutes ago it showed up for me. Under each characters appearance is shown the taunt/skin.

I must say I am disappointed at the VERY FEW taunts available. And the skins are…meh, less than 8 are ok but the rest are…meh

Mine and Jac’s haven’t updated yet, either, but @hattieinduni’s has. I do NOT like this at all. If they want to sell me something, they can put it on the shop tab with everything else. I don’t see why they couldn’t set up a BB preview there instead of on each one’s appearance page.

Another bad move by the Marketing department, I think.

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Really? O.O That would be really really strange, I have bougt nothing at all and can see the skin & taunt section, theres just no preview for them. (XB1 here, maybe its a bug on PC? Or a bug on XB?)

Seems to be Fixed right now! But Miko is the one with no new skin, poor Miko ;(

So far, the only place you can preview the new (paid) skins and taunts is on each character’s appearance tab.

This is what isn’t good to me. I don’t want to look at them there. They clutter everything up and it feels pushy. They should just set up a preview on the shop page and leave it all there.


Same opinion, its okay to see all at disposal on the “Appearence” tap, but I´d like rather a full marketplace design with implemented preview option.
Its really tedious this current way. As customer you´ve to switch & search arround alot and as not-customer the taunts & skins literally taunt you everytime you go under “Appearances” -.-

Yes. PLEASE.I’m actually staggered that Gearbox thought it would be ok to put advertisements for paid content that deeply into my game, and the loadout I earned.