PC specific balance patches

The meta on PC is vastly different to that of console because of Keyboard and mouse.

Some characters, specifically Marquis/Isic, on PC can dictate the pace of the match.
Every match I’ve played on PC that has a semi-competent Marquis completely negates any character that doesn’t share a hitbox size similar to himself, to the point where he becomes the central focus of the enemy team.
Similarly an Isic can completely decimate any non-tank character if he’s left alone due to being able to fully abuse the lack of reload his primary weapon has.


I completely agree with you on this one. Marquis needs either more recoil or less attack speed on his shots. Always see people running with zero recoil gear and blasting shots 1 after another all day long on PC. Sometimes they miss but with a really good Marquis, it’s like you said… Gotta focus your attention on him while the rest of the other team gets to do what they want

Edit: I don’t think they will be separate patching but my point is, marq’s aim needs to be toned down a bit.

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I don’t speak for gearbox but I highly doubt they are going to do platform specific character changes.