Pc specs for borderlands 3

what are the pc specs for the game ? I would like to know before pre ordering

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They haven’t been announced yet, as far as I’m aware.


Like derch mentioned in another thread, min and recommended specs are probably still a little ways away from being finalized. The game isn’t 100% done yet and there are still optimizations to be done as well.


Is the spec for the machines used in the event known?


no, if it was, they would have been posted all over by now.

EDIT: honestly, AMD probably has yet to finalize drivers for the game as well, Which can lead to better performance with older hardware. same goes for Nvidia.

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I’ve preordered, but the sooner they announce the Minimum System Requirement and Recommended System Requirement the easier it is for all of us to start making decisions so we can be ready at the start.


Oh, yay, I beat out the rec specs :joy:

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Well. My previous machine trumped the recommended specs. The new one destroys it. But then I was also prepping for things like Cyberpunk 2077 as well.


what are your current pc specs, i have a 1060 but its 3gb you think itll work for 1080 ?

I should run on a 1060 I would think. However you may need to tone down some settings in order to avoid drops in framerate when there is activity on screen past a certain threshold.

I didn’t go overboard on the new machine. Its still on an i7 with 32gb of ram though I did go with the RTX2080 for the GPU. I’ll probably add another 32gb of ram later in the last 2 slots.

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here’s the image, save people clicking on links


I thiiiiiink I’m above min. I’ll have to check. But probably time to start saving the pennies for a new graphics card…I’d love to see it with everything maxed out.


Sigh… should meet the minimum, hopefully mine’ll be ok! My GPU is GeForce 770 which is older than I’d like, but there’s no cash for an upgrade on that in the near future.

I am currently saving up money, so I should be fine for the Steam Launch. My goal in mind was something around 1000€ for 1080p gaming. I guess I can aim even a bit lower now.

I match all but the processor on the rec specs (running an i5-7400.)

my specs: Intel® Core™ i5-4440 CPU @ 3.10GHz 16GB RAM DDR3 Kinston HyperXFury Gigabyte Z97MX Gaming 5 MSI GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5 (OC) Windows 10 Pro 64bit

I think I can run it on ultra except some extra setting off , antiliasing, etc,etc.


just upgraded to an rtx 2070 super from a gtx 1060, the recommended requirements are actually lower than i thought theyd be

Finally upgraded my old gtx 970 to a nice new rtx 2060. Should be good for some nice 4k gaming hopefully lol.

My specs are Rtx 2080, i7 8700, 24gb ram, 500gb pro ssd, 1 gb standard ssd, i wonder if i can run 4k at ultra and get a steady 60fps.