PC splitscreen a thing?

I’m wondering if anybody knows any good sources on whether or not it is a thing for PC?

I know it might or might not be great on PC, but I just wanna know if there is any info on this.

If you watch the most recent trailer released there is a “splitscreen available on PS4 and XBOX1” note. So I imagine, no, there is no splitscreen on PC at the moment unless that flag was false… Which is a bummer. I love the game but now I’m seriosuly considering cancelling my PC pre-order… Especially since all versions are the same price. Really sad as pc splitscreen has been made much easier to achieve and many recent games support it, you’d think Gearbox would’ve attempted to as they are generally into the multiplayer co-op scene.

One way this may not be true is if the note was related to PVP only in which case splitsceen on PC may exist for private campaign modes? But it REALLY looks like theyre playing the second campaing mission when the note appears, so that makes me doubt this.

Also: [quote=“2Bit_Hack, post:1, topic:432969”]
Split-screen support?Yes for consoles, TBD for PC
[/quote] From the FAQ thread

I am disgusted that there is no split screen for pc, seriously why take it out. Steam os and steam link are now a thing, pc players do play split screen games with there friends. The games has xbox one and 360 controller support for pc and steam controller support later, so what idiot thought it would be ok to limit the pc version, seriously, a terrible decision…again, just like the borderlands games.

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I really wish they’d put in on PC and have us able to use two screens for it with maybe two sets of keyboards/mice. I wanted to have my brother try the game with me since I think he might like it a lot.
Also just wanna have the opportunity to splitscreen with other family at some point.

I agree, I tried setting it up during the beta to play with my girlfriend (me on keyboard her on controller or both on controller, there’s a lot of difficulties with getting 2 keyboards running / it may take a lot more effort?) and couldn’t get it to show any option during the beta. I was hoping it was just not implemented yet for PC, but having it never implemented would be extremely sad, especially since this game has an easily forseeable problem with player population being low (cost is $60, has about 3 competing games releasing at the same time, splits player population between 3 consoles, requires 5-10 players, afks/searchtimes, etc) and having a friend at least try the game co-op would be the best way for me to convince my friends to actually purchase this game and play together.

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I tweeted randy and got a reply he said " it wasn’t removed, just not possible to add because Steam does not support multiple accounts." I replied by telling him that black ops 3 allows pc split screen by using a guest account which feeds of the primary accounts progression.

Dude, chill.

A lot of people who buy on PC don’t use consoles, and a lot of people don’t have computers that can run that kind of stuff.

No need to be so angry about it dude.

Who said I’m angry, just disappointed and disgusted. I have every right to be too.

To be honest as a dabbler is all the consoles and PC I was surprised a bit at the idea of splitscreen for PC. I suppose it makes a little sense given that multiple monitors or TV hook ups to behave like consoles are more common, but it still seemed weird, especially as it seems most consoles (except Nintendo) are phasing it out on the traditional place we had it. I imagine it will take people a while to get away from the idea that a PC has one screen and one operator to the place where I suppose that any computer could almost be its own network (multiple screens, processors, hard drives and inputs per machine) though at that point you’ve pretty much just smashed a bunch of computers together.

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If you aren’t angry, you definitely need to work on the way you word things. Your entire post felt like you were spitting every word out like an Arizonan who’s order was messed up at Mcdonalds.

I hardly think that mass consumer hardware limitations, and limited funding gives you the “right” to rage about it.

Just because CoD can do something, doesn’t mean everyone can. Do you honestly think 2k is willing to give BattleBorn the same funding Activision gives CoD?

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Thus this is based on the fact that in order to play on PS4/XBOX1 the players must be signed into seperate accounts and the idea of a guest isn’t in any form of the game. That’s fine with me. I don’t really care to whine that I need a split screen multiplayer experience for PVP, but I don’t see any major reason that multiple steam accounts would be needed for private storyline gameplay. In fact, there are very few games that allow that in general anyway. So I would hope to see PVE get split screen at least.

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Just because cod can do something doesn’t mean everything else can? Randy told me it wasn’t possible, I informed him that it is possible, I think it’s a legit reply. Cod shows that it can be done, so does rocket league in fact and I’m sure there are plenty of other games. I’m also sure rocket league had less funding than battleborn, so your point is not valid.

And also, mass consumer hardware limitations? What do you mean by that? If you mean what I think you mean, then I will reply to that by saying, most people who play this on pc will have a stronger computer than consoles, and if they can run splitscreen, then so can the users on pc…

I think what @timtoborne was trying to say is that it may be possible, but not fundable. Yes it could be done, but there was obviously no one who was able to pay the implementation of it.
And maybe Randy was right, and some detail on BB made it really impossible to implement, not just for moneys sake.

I can understand that its an issue for some PC-gamers, but I think just because CoD could deliver a feature we should not assume that every company is including it in their games.

And who knows, maybe it gets included in a big patch, theres always hope.

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I hope we do see it in the future and like I said, not just cod but rocket league too, which I’m sure had less funding.

As @IAmFlame said, "[quote=“IAmFlame, post:11, topic:1380099”]
Thus this is based on the fact that in order to play on PS4/XBOX1 the players must be signed into seperate accounts and the idea of a guest isn’t in any form of the game.

If they were to go back and change it after the game is finished, it would cost a lot of money money they don’t have.

The reason it works for the other games is because it only uses the one account, but BB needs 2 accounts. That’s just so both players are actually benefiting from the experience, and not just the host.

Plus they could end up undoing a lot of their already finished work if they were to go back and try to add it now. It is not possible at this point in development, it’s a Steam issue, not a Gearbox issue.

Also, I’m sure it COULD have been possible, had they known that steam doesn’t allow multiple accounts on at once BEFORE making the game.
But now, it’s NOT possible, because they are too far in development, and it would cost money they don’t have to add it.

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It’s funny because randy told me on twitter that there is a way to do it by hacking it, like in borderlands 2. He told me there a plenty of how to’s on the net. So he knows it can in fact be done.
The borderlands 2 way is not exactly practical though as it kinda messes up the ui because the image is stretched or what ever. But randy himself said it can be done by hacking it.

Yes because by hacking it you are bypassing Valve’s rules, and changing the code within the game.

Just, agh, dude. You just aren’t getting it are you?

Just because you can hack a game and make an unused feature work doesn’t mean it was possible for it to be released initially. It was scrapped for some reason or another, in the case of BB, it cost too much money to change the way BB worked on PC.

Look, I ain’t trying to be a bell end or anything, I am just making valid points and randy’s reply to me just kinda seems like they’re thinking, screw it, why include it when we can let them figure it out themselves.
I will leave this as my last post on the matter, but I seriously think more could of been done for pc with split screen.

I personally think that PC splitscreen should really only be added if it doesn’t require too much effort at this point. I only really wanted to know if it was a thing or not, and that if it was I wanted to know what kind of features it would have (multiple screens, controllers/keyboard and mice).

I also think that the way Leelaa15 described the BO3 splitscreen would be okay with me for this game. Using only one account (that was what you mean’t, right?) for progression is fine if it means I get to play with somebody in the same room.

PS. Thanks for tweeting Randy about this Leelaa15, don’t know why I didn’t think of that lol.

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I’ve answered this on Reddit and the Steam forums, but I’ll answer it again here.

We don’t take Splitscreen out on PC. We just don’t spend the time implementing it where it doesn’t make sense. Adding splitscreen to each platform requires additional SUBSTANTIAL effort (and a lot of it at that) to make it work. We do it on the consoles (even though other devs are dropping this) because we know people like it, use it, and want it.

We don’t support it on PC because Steam will not allow you to login multiple Steam profiles at once on your PC, like we can do on the consoles. Other PC games that support split screen do so with guest accounts.

A key part of Battleborn is growth. Unlocking characters, gaining and customizing loot, ranking up your Command Rank and Character Rank, and accomplishing challenges. Those things can’t be stored or tracked with guest accounts. They require full Steam logins for us to maintain that information for players.

So, we chose to hold back the effort of adding PC splitscreen support until such a time as Valve allows us multi-account support through Steam. When they update their system to support that, we can reconsider this.

I’m sorry this causes frustration for you guys. It’s not that we love PC less. There are a considerable number of PC-only features and optimizations that we DO spend time implementing to make the experience there as good as possible.