[PC/Steam] Shotguns function differently between Single Player & Multiplayer

Shotguns are using different firing patterns between my SP or games where I am host, and MP games where I join someone else. This happens both through the net and over my LAN connection. Both players have the hotfixes applied and the DLC.

Notably it is the Garcia or Stagecoach guns when using Fl4k. While hosting or in SP I can dump the magazine with no problem. When I connect to someone else I fire 2 shots and then have a racking animation (and a big delay) before I can keep firing. The gun is even still tracking the 2 shots through reloads, delaying every 2 rounds. I can reproduce this 100% of the time and it hasn’t been a random thing.

Is this already known about? It’s not the end of the world but it does make joining friends useless without changing gear and a respec every time. It’s really annoying.

Same issue. No fix yet.
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