[PC] Story Mode Final Score - Broken (Single Bug)

I was playing through one of the story missions (Algorithm) as a random online group. Only 2 of us connected at the start - the other 3 D/C’d instantly. A third player connected for about 10 seconds near the beginning before dropping. The second player dropped out right at the Arachnis/Geof encounter, and returned right before the final boss (Magnus Isac).

Anyways, I did a lot of the mission myself. At the ending screen right when the match ended, the “Final Score” said “73,000-ish”, but when I got to the “recap” screen (where it shows you a recap of the items you found, things you unlocked, experience you gained, etc.), it told me my score was THIS:

“Team: -9169”

That is JUST my personal score, without the team’s additions, except it gave me a MINUS -9169 for the “Team Score”… WTF did I get a “minus” for!?
I’m unsure if this was just a visual bug, or if it cut my xp as well, but I should have gotten “Silver Rank” completion, while it gave me “Bronze Rank” (i.e. the LOWEST one…).