[PC] Stuck in sky (or underground?) at the start of the mission

I was playing as Miko on an online multiplayer playthrough of the the mission “The Void’s Edge” when at the start of mission, I could see what looked like sky (Side note: This was after the cut-scene tried to play twice). At first I thought it was just lagging and loading as there was no dialogue or a HUD yet. Then I was teleported to what looked like a different place that was still in what looked like a skybox. Then the HUD came up and the mission dialogue began with some effects happening lower on my screen. I then noticed the other players moving on the mini-map just fine. I didn’t understand what to do at first and of course just laughed xD. I then started moving seeing my character move on the mini-map and guided myself off of a cliff where my character died and I was able to respawn back into the mission.

Here is a screenshot of the incident: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198071819927/screenshot/284100092847312364

Picture was taken after start of the mission but before I walked off of the cliff.