(PC) Technical issue: Your savings have failed to save. Would you like to try again?

I couldn’t find any specific technical forums sorry so I posted here. Been playing the beta on my PS4 the last week and have been enjoying it immensely. I thought given the beta has opened on the PC I’d try it on there as well to see which version I’d prefer. For some reason I keep getting the above message “Your savings have failed to save.” and if I keep trying it won’t work. Also, your can escape and bypass it but it seems it literally saves no progress. So all of the customized video settings, keybindings, etc. don’t save. Not to mention I did one mission and I’m not sure it saved either.

Please feel free to move this to a more appropriate forum if necessary. I couldn’t find any other people having similar issues searching here or on the Steam forums so not sure if this is an isolated incident or not.