PC the mm went bananas

There must be something wrong with the servers or something, because until saturday I was playing just fine, the matches were really balanced and fun and I could find a game in any mode within 1 minute… but sunday, queue times went from 1 minute to 10 minutes to find just 1 other person and when I could start a match it was a steamroll, today it’s even worse, I can barely find anyone to play with.
Any news about some server issues or something?

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Try changing your download location.

It’s also worth noting that right now is the morning of the working day.

yesterday it was sunday and the mm was complete ■■■■ compared to the previous days anyway, so no, it’s not a “number of players online” problem.
And no Ryballs, I won’t change my dl location because I have this problem only since sunday and not from the beginning, something wrong must have happened to the servers and I hope Gearbox fix this asap.

Your complaining about 10 min que’s on PC? We got hour ques here… >.<

Well sorry for suggesting a possible fix in the meantime…

Geez. :neutral_face:

Changed to Germany - Berlin, still the same… I think the only problem is that, and I’m really sorry to say this after almost 90 hours of playing, the game is almost dead… such a bad marketing campaign and, let’s be honest, a disastrous release (gearbox fixed my main complaint on 19/05 wich was awesome to see) ruined this game
At least I got my money’s worth.

I have no trouble finding games other than capture and it’s only since their supposed match making fix.