[PC] They have been teleported. Not me. Forever alone ;)

Hi and congratulation for the good game you are proposing to us !!

A little bug report.
During the fight against the last boss in the mission “The Void’s Edge” there is a moment in which all player are teleported.
I was playing Isic and before the teleportation, I’ve made the plasma charge, the dash, because of too much enemies (I was running away because I’m a coward). So I stayed alone with the boss and all other players have been teleported in the other dimension. I could see their name but there were far far away. So I have been killed.

Little glitch here
Bonne continuation ! :slight_smile:

En anglais c’est “The Void’s Edge” la mission

Bien rigolé avec ton “I was running away because I’m a coward” haha

Merci Momo !! Corrigé !