[PC] Three bugs

  1. Played a Private Story mission today, having unlocked Toby (5/5 missions won as a Rogue character) and Reyna (Player rank 8) last night, I was unable to select Toby today, although Reyna was available. I backed out of the character select screen and entered the Command screen to confirm that Toby was showing as unlocked (he was), but when I re-entered the match, he was still unavailable on the character select screen

  2. Upon entering the above Private Story mission (mission 2, escorting the Wolf Sentry), I received no in-mission timed Challenges throughout, and at the conclusion of the mission, my Challenges tab was entirely blank. It appears that nothing within the mission counted towards my ongoing challenges.

  3. While writing this bug report, I launched the game to be able to play upon submission. While the game was beginning to launch, I alt-tabbed to the browser window, resulting in Battleborn going into windowed mode (rather than the expected launching in the background while still in my default fullscreen setting). When I re-entered the game, the resolution was stuck at 640x480. No attempt to change it from the options menu was successful and I had to quit the game entirely to fix it.

Thanks for the detail of the report.

It helps the devs zero in on the issue.

I can also provide the match ID if that would be helpful.

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I’m sure this suffices. Thanks again, great work.

Toby is a PS4 exclusive during the beta.

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Ah, gotcha!

Well I guess just two bugs, then, haha!

Thanks for the quick (if frustrating) response! :slight_smile:

I think some video setting changes state that you need to restart the game for the effects to be complete as well. When I first played the game the resolution settings were on max and my pc couldn’t handle it. Put it back to something more modest and I got that message. Game was still really laggy so I restarted all together and then it was fine after reloading