(PC) todays patch did.... what?

Fairly large patch pushed by Steam today (06/21/2016), but nothing in the update history to indicate what it did. Can we get a hint?

This is a good question…a whole gig is a pretty big update :o even if it is just fixing bugs, we wanna know whats been FIXED~

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It looks like it added Japanese localization, and that’s all.

Lovely. A big friggin patch for a language I don’t use. :dukerage:

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I read a post discussion on Battleborn Steam Discussion, and I think I saw someone read the game files for the update of 1.2 GB.

Turns out this is what he said in the discussion:

Quote by Xpliciit:

Reading the game files is fun :stuck_out_tongue:

There are some interesting comments left in some of the code left by dev’s with their name and dates of when they changed some stuff in the code and i even found some Borderlands 2 code in there.

Have yet to find anything that could have been added with the 1.2gb update though :frowning:

Maybe DLC_Ginger_00,01,02 could be something??


Notice here nere the bottom there are two GameTypes. Devastation which i understand to be Meltdown and Incursion. They each appear to have 3 maps. Its possible the other GameType_Scort is Capture mode which also has 3 maps named in this script section.


I don’t really know if this true or not, but I think there’s something that just been added beside the Japanese language localization thingy. :sweat_smile:

And people don’t believe in “undocumented changes”

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No, I’m going with that being “S-cort” = escort = meltdown. Devastation could be capture.

Now we need Bruce Campbell and S-mart, aka horde mode.

I think they added more premium taunts as well. Also I finally got around to completing Pheobe’s lore and got her master of phoebe title and skin even through her character level was only 7. Dunno if the latter was intentional or a glitch

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A glitch. Got same thing a week ago. I think it’s a known issue, I read something about it on this forum (maybe on the page dedicated to Phoebe, don’t remember).

By comparing PVE maps’ names and types mentioned on second picture to what we actually have in the game, I assume the new DLC mission will be… an escort. :unamused:
And it takes place on Tempest.

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I just found files related to a map with Lava and a big Metal room, named: Bliss
(Don’t spank me Gbox)

Interesting… I don’t think all of that is related to the 1gig patch tho, but there may be some of it that is related. I suppose the list include both maps currently available and maps that may or may not be released someday as they’re currently being tested, or something…

That would be logical. Escort is the only PvE mode with 2 maps right now, and it’s lacking the Tempest environment.

There is 3 “Scort”, 5 “devastation” and 3 “incursion” listed.
For incursion, logically the one we currently don’t have would be that “snowdrift”, considering there’s no snow on any incursion map right now, that would mean that this unknown incursion map is in a snowy environment.

For the other two modes…
Dev : Snowblind, Frigid, Peak, blissruins, ravine
Scort : slum, ice, skirmish
I don’t know. As someone pointed out, it would be logical that Scort is for "escort " (so meltdown?). But escort is written properly in “pve escort”. Plus that would mean 3 maps in testing for Capture? This doesn’t seem a popular mode right now, so that’s surprising.

(Hospital harmonious bell ring over a microphone)

Calling Mr. Orange Name, calling Mr. Orange Name, please report to Battleborn ICU room, report please to the Battleborn ICU room.

(Hospital harmonious bell ring over a microphone)

Ps. So for those that don’t speak humor or satire… Devs, why we had to download a giga and half last night and there aren’t notes or something? Please and thanks :bow:

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I thought it was a pre patch for the event that will take place this week…

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They already said what event it is or if there is gonna be any event at all or it’s just an educated guess?

Summoning is easy, usually theres a fair chance to spawn a Dev when you do mention them like this:
@JoeKGBX Hey Joe, I´ve only imaginary donuts to offer in this summoning ritual :doughnut:, but could you share some light on this update-thingie?

I guess it works better with real snacks though…

Nothing on my XB1, strange hat its PC-only so far o.o

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It’s nice to see that some people saw my post on steam, I didn’t realise you only needed you SHIFT account to talk here otherwise I would have been active here too.

Anyway I found a response on Reddit today from Joe saying that the patch was the exact same patch we already downloaded last week but includes small changes to the Japanese text and UI support.


I’ve been told that new stuff is coming very soon by 2K, it could be related to the patch but Joe has his tongue tied.

Edit: Spoke to a developer, nothing new in that code and “DLC_Ginger” is most likely DLC that is already out, skins, taunts or something like that.

Imaginary donuts? Gross! :wink:

Good link! Yes, as I said there, this is an unfortunate by-product of how the updating process works for us. The update that PC players saw was basically last week’s update with one minor addition – some minor UI and text changes. I confirmed with the team that that is the the only difference.

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And when I saw that this patch was related with Japanese version, I was here hoping that maybe we would get (weirdly, 2 months after launch) Japanese Audio. Even switched my game earlier in Japanese to test it. Damn, that’s not the case. I really liked some of the VA used for Borderlands 2, including Tiny Tina’s Japanese VA.
Damn, so it was simply a patch due to Japanese text.