Pc too bad for Borderlands 3? Help

Pc: Amd FX 8350, GPU: Asus Rx 580 8GB


After having the problem that my pc crashes during the starting Intro, i can get into the menu now (done some driver Updates etc)

In the options i can see that my resolutions are beeing set to 1200x****. My PC fans are very loud and in taksmanager I can see that my GPU is at 99% usage. After a few minutes in the menu my PC crashes.

Pls help

Your system should be able to handle it no problem. What do you have your in-game settings at for visuals? If it’s too high, try lowering them to see if that helps.

The Resolution is at 1200x something. So already low…

The resolution may be set at that but the visual settings can be set to low, medium, high, or ultra.

What do i have to set lower exactly? i will try it now

I did a benchmark test ingame now. All settings were already set to low. GPU temperatur is now at 80 degrees… And my PC doesnt sound stable…

FPS is at 72

72 fps is good… Mine sits around 60 and drops as low as 25 with the game very playable. Gpu temp seems fine.

Yeah but the FPS is on the verly low settings… And the grafik isnt nice at all then:/ 80 Degrees is fine? After i closed game it is now on 30 Degrees

I’d put it on medium settings. That’s what I have mine on and the game looks great. The max operating temp of your gpu is 85-90° Celsius. So you’re good.

And what about turning resolution on full hd? you dont recommend? I will test out medium settings later and give some feedback

… i were now able to play for 15 min and then my pc crashed … dont know what to do anymore

You may have some issues with heat inside your PC. Have you cleaned it out? Made sure the cpu fan and heatsinknare clear of dust? Clean the gpu fan and make sure there’s not dust in there. A can of compressed air is your friend.

or it is time to redo the thermal paste on that cpu.

i bougth the CPU and Mainboard like under a year ago (it was new). Dont thing i have to change it that early?

well if it’s running that hot, it possible that all the thermal paste is all burned. I would be worry about the high temperature you are getting. Are you using a fan or liquid cooling solution ?

fan cooling system. But i thing the CPU is not the problem. In Taskmanager it says 50% CPU using and 100% GPU

My gpu runs at 100%. There’s definitely some other issues going on with your setup.

mhh okay so what steps would you recommend me to do:D?

What are your full system specs? What OS are you running? Is it accidentally on directx 12? You’ll have to check in-game settings for that.