[PC Tournament] Warming Up the Gears! 13th August, 1:00PM CST (11:00AM PST, 2PM EST, 6 PM CET))

Warming Up the Gears!

The first in a series of PC tournaments being hosted by the Gears of Battle to help reignite interest in Battleborn, specifically as a legitimate competitive game. Warming Up the Gears will begin on the 13th of August at 1 PM Central (11 AM PST, 2 PM EST, 7 PM CET).

16 teams will be the limit for the first tournament, and each match will be be done in a “best two of out three” format. Gear will be allowed (However all legendaries will not be allowed), and the map being played on will be Coldsnap. We will use a pick/ban system using a drafting tool designed specifically for Battleborn. Characters will be Unique, if one team picks a character, the other team cannot pick that character as well.

Everyone is welcome to join, however you will need a full team to register. Fear not, however, if you do not have a team you can head down to our Discord channel and meet up with other people looking for a team, or teams looking for more members! You’ll have a couple weeks to find people and practice up, and this will definitely not be the last tournament being held by us!

Gearbox will be providing SHiFT codes for loot packs as prizes, 1st place gets a Legendary pack, 2nd place gets an Epic pack, and 3rd place gets a Rare pack. The prizing will be the same for the next tournament, being held on the 20th. However the third tournament in the series, being held on the 27th, will have a $300 dollar prize pool!

Our discord channel will also be where you can find scrims against other teams to practice, join random 10mans if you feel like playing in a more competitive setting, or just get mad at each-other because someone else thinks your main isn’t a very good character.

Register your team on the Warming Up the Gears battlefy page and make sure you’re all ready 30 minutes before the tournament starts! The tournament may take quite some time, up to 7 hours tops if we see a full 16 team turnout. Please, make sure you have plenty of time set aside to participate through the entire tournament!

Skelion will be streaming and commentating some of the matches, and will be joined by zman0728 and Kaleidodemon. If you cannot participate in the tournament, or simply do not wish to, please stop by the stream and enjoy the show!
(Due to time restraints we cannot possibly cast every match. Both of the semifinals matches and the grand finals match will be fully casted, but only one match from each previous bracket will be casted. It would simply take too long otherwise.)

EDIT: There is an update to the prizing for the tournaments! Anyone who participates, win or lose, will also get a free Cyber Galilea skin! This will be exclusively available to those who participates in any of our tournaments for 30 days, there will be no other way to obtain it until those 30 days have expired. Come get your free skin boys!

Good luck everyone!


Rick flair!! Woooah

Good luck, hope to see everyone in all three tournaments, not just the last one. :wink:

Nice, we really needed some tournaments on PC… unfortunately i don’t think i’ll be able to play them. -__-

@arcsteiiscool Will the 3 tournament be played on Coldsnap ? Or there is a chance that one of them will be an Incursion or on an other map ?

And what are the legendaries that are not allowed, is there a list somewhere ?

No legendaries are allowed right now. I’m trying to get the competitive community to do some testing with legendaries, feel them out, and figure out which ones are okay, but people are pretty jaded as of current. And yes, all of them will be played on coldsnap, most people don’t regard incursion as having anywhere near the depth of meltdown. As well as most of the incursion maps swinging character balance too hard. It’s why we’re playing on coldsnap over paradise, because paradise makes some characters better than they should be, and other characters bad to the point of nearly being unpickable. It’s the same in Incursion. (Not playing in Outskirts, even though everyone likes that map it seems, because some people can’t run it well.)

@dr_kleese I hope so too, the first two tournaments are honestly more so people can practice, and it was really cool of GBX to provide prizes for them!

you must run in a very small group, because the entire console competitive community thinks the opposite thing about meltdown, and we outnumber you by at least 5 to 1. i used to play meltdown exclusively for probably the first month of the game, the entire ctt, and the entire beta. never touched incursion til the full release. meltdown is by far the most basic of the two. it is essentially team death match. team composition isnt nearly as important. tanks are not nearly as important. it is basically just all about assassin characters. its basically overwatch wit some minions.

i found it slightly ironic that you said anything about character balance being stronger in meltdown. support/gali is stronger in meltdown than it is in incursion. coldsnap is also literally the worst of all the meltdown maps. im kind of lost on where you guys are getting your information or the people that are telling you they prefer thhose things.

that being said, i do respect that youre trying to put something together. i would suggest that you play the competitive mode if you want to have a competitive tournament id you want a better turnout

I legitimately forget the game is on console on a daily basis. It gets wiped from my mind every night. That said, console battleborn is a different game, so discussing this may not be worth either of our time.

No disrespect meant, we’d just end up talking about two different things, trying to pretend they’re the same.


and no matter what, DEFINITELY no legendary gear. there is no way to make a case for it. i dont care if the cost is 5k to activate. oscar mike should not have a slow

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I’m on console and I agree with him. Incursion is not as in depth for strats as meltdown. Incursion sucks, just my opinon though.

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Looks like other tournaments are opening up to legendaries as well. Seems that enough of the players think that they should be allowed in competitive play.

meltdown is just who can slay the best. i stopped playing meltdown because i cant get a game to last more than 10 minutes no matter what. 5 man comes in, 5 man surrenders. legendary gear 5 man comes in, legendary gear 5 man surrenders. we play characters we dont even necessarily want to play in meltdown because you kind of have to and it kind of breaks the game. you absolutely cannot do anything about strong support/melee comps in meltdown if they are good players.

I’m hesitant to join the Discord and find a team… I’ve had some aggressively competitive folks on PC make matches a living hell. On the other hand, I want to show support for the PC playerbase, so maybe I should just provide a warm body to fill the brackets.

On the subject of legendaries, I’m against it for many reasons. The biggest problem I see is that many strong legendaries are behind an ugly loot pack RNG (i.e. Solar Sustainer). If everyone had access to the same legendary loadout, it’d be a different story.

Unfortunately, the same problem applies to all gear, to a lesser degree. Some of the best epic gear is really hard to get at all, much less with a perfect stat roll. I’ve been looking for certain attack speed Epics since launch to finish my loadouts, and I’ve still come up short.

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I’ve heard of these tournaments from other people, but this is the first I’ve personally seen for myself. How often are these tournaments held?

ALSO, if anyone has an XB1 team and is looking for new recruits, I would love to be a part of yours!

XB1 Gamertag: xSadMachinex

So are there not going to be tournaments on PS4?

I am not affiliated with gearbox, this is just a tournament I’m hosting personally with a group of friends. There are people hosting tournaments on PS4 (Or XB1) but I am not one of those people, as I do not own the game on those consoles (Nor do I even own the consoles). Check the battleborn reddit for other tournament callouts, that’s where msot of them are and a majority of them ARE on console.

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Oh ok. Thanks. I’ll check that out.

There is an update to the prizing for the tournaments! Anyone who participates, win or lose, will also get a free Cyber Galilea skin! This will be exclusively available to those who participates in any of our tournaments for 30 days, there will be no other way to obtain it until those 30 days have expired. Come get your free skin boys!


:frowning: no console turnie for me. Oh well.

I think I might join this. Probably won’t do all that great, but it’d be nice to get my feet wet with an actual tourney.

Edit: life stuff happened, unable to participate this weekend :frowning:

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Wish this was on the Xbox One too…i mean I’m glad PC is being reached out to and finally getting some tournaments set up but Gearsoft should expand and let both consoles compete for a prize pool as well…unless there is one coming up? Which in that case can someone be a bro/babe and link me to future Xbox One tourneys?