[PC] TPS Streaming

(Making this here because my question to where gameplay like streaming videos had to go was answered. c:)

I’m making my stream thread here of me playing TPS throughout characters such as Jack as this is pretty much my first time playing the game- prior to me once playing BL2. But no further nor do. Here is a time table of when I’ll be streaming made by the glamorous google docs. [Time Table] Just bare in mind that the times shown on the time table are GMT +1.

Anyhow. Here is the link to the stream channel. [Twitch Channel] As soon the stream starts, an update tweet appears on my twitter page that is linked to the program I’m using to broadcast the game across found on my twitter profile page here. [Twitter Profile Page] That there is were most announcement or reminders on such things are to be stored, like technical difficulties and why a stream did not go ahead.

If any of you have questions, you can ask them here in this thread. Thank you! ^u^

Oh! Todays streaming might start as soon I’ve put this up. Just as a side note.