PC Tubby Callouts

I’d love to know if someone’s spotted a Tubby style enemy in any of the preview footage, and if the character in the gameplay had a callout for them like they do for Badasses.
I don’t expect to have that question answered, but I would like it to be known that (if they don’t already) I would totally pay for a dlc that was literally just voice lines for the PCs having a laugh and pointing out a Tubby (or whatever they’re called in BL3) spawn, haha.

Dunno about callouts but one streamer in his gameplay had seen Chubby enemy so for 100% they’re in the game.

There should be an Achievement for killing a certain number of them called “OMG Becky!”

I’m really hoping they make some changes to there quality of loot pre end game. Before UVHM you where lucky to see even purples from them making the find fairly lack luster.

They did re designe loot midgets to be more like there original inspiration tresure goblins so hopefully Chubby/ Tubby enemies also saw some attention.