[PC]VA eSports Looking to get into Battleborn

Hello all,

I am the eSports Director for Vigilant Addiction eSports. We are looking to start a team up for Battleborn and are looking for dedicated players to play for us. Our stance as an organization is to our players and loyalty. Please do not email me if you are not ready to take eSports serious. We are again looking for dedication, We have team in LoL, HoTS, SMITE and DOTA2.

If you are looking to be a coach or interested in managing a Battleborn team please email me as well. We are also looking for more staff to help with the load. for more information my email is below. I look forward to talking to all the eager eSports athletes.

We are currently sponsored by Hitbox a awesome streaming site.


I’m going to assume this is a PC group?

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yes this is going to be for PC. unless i have enough support for a console team.

I am interested for a PS4 team. Already been talking with you, but showing that at least one or two people that are interested will inspire others to post.

I have a competitive team coming from Evolve who may be interested. I know I am, and if they are, it would be a darn good team considering we had some of the best players in that game. As of now it looks like we have at least four on the team.

Would that be for PS4? Did evolves competitive scene ever take off? It was 2ks first foray in to competitive games so im hopinh they want Gearbox to follow suit.

link above is an interview we had with Hitbox.

Yeah for PS4, the competitive scene took off for about 5 weeks…until the top team got cheated, then it more or less died.

Add me Jack, psn: SeamanXanthos

We can talk about battleborn and such. Did you and your guys play the CTT? Im stoked for this beta.

Im on ps4 too
Saybacon is my psn

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Awesome. Can not wait to see how this game grows.